When God created the world, the Bible says He saw it was “very good.” A natural order had been established. But mankind fell to sin and death, and that order was destroyed.

Still, throughout human history, mankind possessed some inherent sense of what the world should be like. Religion, morality and law were ways to restrain the depraved impulses of mankind. And in the Christian West, there was general agreement about how society should run.

But that consensus has been shattered.

Christianity is being driven from public life. Homosexuality, transsexuality and other “identities” and sexual activities that were once considered perverse are now regarded by elites as core to Western civilization.

Among the younger generation, more evangelicals are accepting of same-sex marriage. And the only time liberals seem willing to side against sexual degeneracy is when it means aiding the cause of the Muslims who are colonizing the West in ever-growing numbers.

To traditionally minded Christians, it may seem like the world has gone insane. Now, one of the Vatican’s intellectual leaders, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, has declared Satan launched the “ultimate and terrible challenge” in a form of an “anti-creation” being constructed around the world.

In an address to the Rome Life Forum, Cardinal Caffarra identified Satan with the drive to deny the truth within the heart of man. He specifically said two innovations are core to this “anti-creation” – abortion and homosexuality.

The cardinal condemned “the transformation of a crime into a right” when it comes to abortion.

“This signifies calling what is good, evil, what is light, shadow,” he said.

Caffarra declared abortion signifies the “profoundest negation of the truth of man.”

Secondly, Caffarra argued the “ennoblement of homosexuality” has the effect of denying “entirely the truth of marriage.”

“In the mind of God, marriage has a permanent structure, based on the duality of the human mode of being: femininity and masculinity,” the cardinal explained. “Not two opposite poles, but the one with and for the other. Only thus does man escape his original solitude.”

Caffarra claimed the new world created by these moral perversions is an attempt by Satan to build an alternative to God’s creation in which man would prefer to live.

“This is the frightful strategy of the lie,” said the cardinal.

He said Christians have a responsibility to “testify” to the truth of the Christian faith, “openly and publicly,” condemning those who do not do so as not “witnesses, but deserters.”

“I have spoken frequently of a confrontation,” the cardinal said of the situation of contemporary believers. “This confrontation is increasingly assuming the appearance of a trial, of a legal proceeding, in which the defendant is Jesus and his Gospel.”

He concluded by quoting John 12:32, in which Jesus states: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

Professor Paul Kengor, who penned “Takedown” about the war on family and marriage, welcomed Caffarra’s comments as a promising sign for the future of the Roman Catholic Church.

“This is powerful and provocative imagery from a cardinal who is a serious thinker, a highly intelligent and educated man and a very high-ranking official in the Roman Catholic Church,” Kengor told WND.

“Caffarra in 1981 was appointed by Pope John Paul II as the founding head of John Paul II’s crucial institute on the family and marriage. That is the Vatican group that has led the battle against abortion, the ‘Culture of Death,’ and the vast efforts by today’s forces of radical secularism and the dictatorship of relativism to redefine marriage, family, unborn human life, sexuality, and (now) even each and every person’s individual and biologically predetermined gender.

“In fact, that’s precisely Caffarra’s target with this imagery. He is arguing that Satan, in seeking to establish his earthly kingdom, is currently seeking to spawn an anti-creation”

Kengor said the cardinal is “saying that this would constitute – and fully mock and subvert – God’s image in His original creation.”

“Satan’s world would flaunt an inversion of God’s design for man, woman, gender, sexuality, marriage, the family, children, the unborn. It’s a complete rejection of God’s image and plan for humanity. An anti-creation. The cardinal is saying that the devil himself is currently generating his own anti-God versions of human life and human living.”

Kengor said Christians of all denominations should pay careful attention to the cardinal’s comments because they will affect even people outside the church.

“This is getting attention in the Catholic world, and it’s bound to make some waves in the larger world and culture,” Kengor said. “Moreover, this is one area where Pope Francis will almost certainly fully agree. Pope Francis has blasted same-sex marriage, abortion, gender theory, transgenderism. He excoriates these things, saying they are ‘Satanic.’ He says that ‘gender ideology is demonic’ and that it militates against ‘the order of creation.’ He has compared feminist gender theory to ‘the educational policies of Hitler.’ Those are his very words – direct quotes.

“This is one aspect of Pope Francis – the pope of mercy and tolerance and non-judgmentalism – that liberals have colossally tried to ignore. Francis has been very outspoken on these things,” he said.

“So, Cardinal Caffarra surely has a sympathetic ear from the top man in the Roman Catholic Church. I wonder if the Vatican gave him a green light on this – to speak boldly and openly.”

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David Kupelian, managing editor of WND and author of “The Marketing of Evil” and “The Snapping of the American Mind,” said Caffarra has accurately identified the wholesale inversion of values that has occurred in the United States over the past generation.

“Whatever our nation’s problems were during the 1950s when I was growing up, pretty much every American embraced certain basic Judeo-Christian assumptions about life,” he said. “One of those assumptions was that human life is sacred – which means you don’t kill little babies before they’re born, and you don’t kill your parents when they get too old, ornery and expensive to conveniently take care of.

“That understanding – that human life is sacred – was based on the core conviction that we are created in God’s image,” he said.

“The other thing almost all Americans once accepted as foundational truth – at least as an ideal, even if they faltered in its practice – was that sex is sacred. Meaning, intended for marriage only, between a man and a woman who make a lifetime commitment to God and each other. Since sex generates children, and since children really need a stable, intact family with both their father and mother in the home, common sense and experience strongly bolster this biblical ideal that sex is meant for marriage only.”

Kupelian agreed with the cardinal about how the deconstruction of these moral premises has destroyed American culture and that this destruction was no accident.

“These two basic assumptions – about the sacredness of human life and God’s intended role of sex – were literally the glue that held Western civilization together,” he said.

“Obviously, both have been under unrelenting, full-scale attack by the left for decades. It’s often said that destruction is the devil’s creation, and that’s what the nihilistic left is all about today. It stands for nothing, except amassing power through its purposely divisive tribal identity politics, and then using that power to tear down Western mores, values and institutions. At its core, the radical left is at war with God and His laws of life.”

In his column “How the left revels in violating the 10 Commandments,” Kupelian said God’s commandments are essential to building a functional society and condemned the left for constantly striving to break them apart. He also warned every attempt to undermine Christian values ultimately ends with the persecution of Christians.

Judeo-Christian principles, he wrote, “encourage and enable the good and noble side of human nature to flower, and restrain the evil side, whereas Marxism-socialism and the left’s rebellious and immoral political and cultural agenda do exactly the opposite,” he wrote.

“Whether consciously or not, in its fanatical pursuit of man-made utopia and freedom apart from God, the left elevates and glorifies everything ignoble about human nature – and in the process, persecutes genuine goodness,” he said.

Kupelian said for that reason Christians should take up the cardinal’s challenge and speak boldly about issues such as abortion and homosexuality.

“Ironically, many people – including Republicans – are eager to put aside these divisive ‘social issues’ or ‘moral issues,’ namely abortion and ‘gay rights,’ and not talk about them, as though they’re not important, not central,” he said. “Yet they are arguably the most profoundly consequential issues confronting us.”

If Christians remain silent, Kupelian warned, the “anti-creation” will remain triumphant. And America will continue to be a “bizarre” version of what it once was. Kupelian concluded by citing the dark vision of the country he outlined in “The Snapping of the American Mind”:

“Compared with the shining and vibrant nation it once was, today’s America has become a different country: deeply and angrily divided, unable to deal with crises foreign or domestic, the world’s greatest debtor nation with 50 million people on food stamps, rampant divorce and family breakdown, unprecedented sexual anarchy with 110 million with STDs, almost 60 million abusing alcohol, and over 70 million taking mood-altering drugs. On so many levels, America is becoming ever more ‘bizarro’ – diametrically opposed to logic and common sense.”

You might even call it Satanic.

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