You feel so badly for them, don’t you? It’s like when you fake throwing your dog’s tennis ball high in the air, but you actually stuck it in your closet because you are tired of him obsessing over it.

He spends hours looking at the sky for his ball to fall, agonizing, pining, panting, obsessing. But you sit back with your coffee and paper in your favorite chair, because you know your dog is no match for you. Ahhhhhh. Now you can get some things done without Scruffy distractions.

Trump is outwitting the media and the deep state at every turn, just like you do your dog. He puts up a dog-and-pony show to grab the attention of the dog-and-pony show! And they latch on for dear life every time. It’s political poetry!

When they thought they had him on Russia, he tweeted about it so he could continue opening pipelines and deregulating the energy business while they were too fascinated with Russia conspiracy theories to even pay attention to all he was accomplishing. The Chicken-Little-style screeching caused Middle America to get bored of the alt-left’s “sky is falling” mentality and deadened its attention span and trust in lamestream media news.

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While the media continued their obsession over the Comey hearings, the president was busy being successful in overhauling the Supreme Court, the Veterans Administration, the EPA and more.

Ordinarily, the climate conspiracy theorists would have had wall-to-wall coverage of Trump’s total overhaul of their fake science when he pulled out of the Paris climate agreement and opened America’s pipelines, but CNN’s own Jeff Zucker told them to go back to talking Russia instead. Trump knows how to throw them off their game.

Trump was winning.

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While members of Congress, who had years to think about how to fix the broken Obamacare, opined about how they were going to replace it with some watered-down version of socialized medicine, Trump waited.

When Congress couldn’t do it, the Senate stepped center stage, only to fall flat-footed. Again. And Trump stood patiently by while the noise mounted. Conservatives wanted mandates gone and price transparency. Leftists controlling the Dems will have none of it. Thus, all the indignation and pontification culminated in a big, fat nothing-burger.

Trump was waiting for that.

Last week, while the media were in a small-brained feeding frenzy over a tweet about a little known show host, President Trump quietly executed his most winning week yet.

And the best part of all? Now he gets to reasonably ask for a full repeal of Obamacare – the true free-market answer to the death spiral of insurance right now! Winning again.

Don’t let the media distract you into missing this great “Art of the Deal”-style strategy to achieve a repeal of Obamacare.

The president has patiently sat back and allowed the House and the Senate to work on their health-care bills and has been praising their efforts from afar every step of the way. As it becomes clear that the GOP leadership can’t pull off passing a replacement bill, the president gets to say, “Oh well, you gave it your best effort, guys. But, it’s time for you to pass a straight repeal.”

The president placed himself in a winning position no matter what happened in the House and Senate.

As this strategy played out last week, the media were focused on one tweet.

I tried to explain on CNN that the American people see the president’s tweeting very differently than the elite living in the D.C. and NYC bubble.

This week alone, President Trump had some of his biggest wins since becoming president.

Most of his executive order restricting travel from terror-prone countries went into effect after the Supreme Court unanimously gave it the green light.

The House passed Kate’s Law, which will increase penalties for deported illegal immigrants who return to the U.S. The president talked about that every day during the campaign, and this was a big win for Trump and his agenda.

The House also passed another Trump campaign promise with the “No Sanctuary for Criminal Aliens Act.” The law blocks federal grants to jurisdictions that refuse to comply with federal immigration detainers and also requires state and local law-enforcement officials to cooperate with federal efforts to enforce immigration laws.

President Trump also hosted the South Korean president at the White House this week to discuss the strategy to deal with the North Korean threat, but you wouldn’t know that if you have been watching the mainstream media.

Also this week, the president was again vindicated. Just when some thought the president was overusing his “fake news” label of the media, James O’Keefe came through with damaging videos from inside CNN and Sarah Palin launched a lawsuit against the New York Times for their fake reporting.

The media seem to have learned nothing over the past two years.

While they laughed at him, he won an election. While they obsessed over a Russian conspiracy, he flipped their fake climate agenda on its head. They didn’t make a peep. While they were postal over a tweet or two, he had one of the most productive weeks of his presidency.

He plays 4-D chess, as my friend, Bill Mitchell coined. They are no mental match.

That explains why, predictably, this week, they will obsess over his mental health. All of their other frenzies fizzled. They have nowhere else to go.

So far, this president, whom the media would like to paint as crazy or undermined, has accomplished the following:

  • The U.S. stock market has grown a whopping 16 percent just since his election.
  • Illegal immigration has dropped to a 17-year low.
  • Unemployment has dropped to a 17-year low.
  • NATO allies have boosted defense spending by more than $10 billion after President Trump pressured them to pay their fair share.
  • Constitutionalist Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed and sworn in to the Supreme Court.
  • President Trump restarted the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline construction projects.
  • ISIS is on the run as Mosul is about to be retaken.
  • President Trump has signed several executive orders lifting regulations on U.S. businesses.
  • He pulled out of the Paris climate deal.
  • He signed a VA reform bill to make it easier to fire bad VA employees and protect whistleblowers.
  • And he’s done much more …

If someone said you could accomplish all your goals but the journey might be a little dirty, would you do it? When was politics ever a pretty proposition?

I wish he could do it without the tweets, too. But the bottom line is: If the president is crazy, he is crazy like a fox, and it’s winning for the American people.

The president has angered the left again with another tweet, and it is one of his most popular tweets of all time.

While Middle America chuckles at this funny tweet, the left and media are feigning outrage that this is somehow provoking violence.

My prediction: They are walking right into his next 4-D chess match. This time, he wants to eliminate fake news media. Checkmate.

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