The late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi

The late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi

MONTCLAIR, CA. – Montclair is a wealthy enclave of Oakland. It’s clean and lovely. Along with neighboring Piedmont, the town boasts various attractive features. Yet these two districts of Oakland are not immune from burglary, violent crime, suicide and illegal narcotics.

Some time ago, I was in line at the store when someone pointed out the mother of the late U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stephens. Mr. Stephens was from here. He remains much-admired in the San Francisco Bay Area (and elsewhere) as a Middle East scholar and archetype Lawrence of Arabia figure.

Sadly, sharing the fate of Col. Gadhafi – the late deposed dictator of Libya – Mr. Stephens was sodomized and murdered by Libyan thugs. (Or they were foreign jihadists supposedly upset by a video they saw on YouTube. These events spawned a major Hollywood film, uncountable articles, a WikiLeaks trove, as well as infamous hearings on Capitol Hill.)

People are increasingly choosing to ignore the beaten-horse mantra of “what difference does it make?” paraded by doctrinaire liberals. Around Montclair/Piedmont, a local urban legend claims the entire Libyan operation was a high-stakes robbery.

Some believe this robbery fueled the ensuing ISIS-led savagery. Unpacking the cognitive architecture of the U.S. and global elites who carried out the rape of Libya is no small task. By their fruits we shall know them …

To begin, if the urban legend is true, plans were afoot to loot Libya’s vast weapons arsenal. Those arms were passed around North Africa (winding up in Mali) and to ISIS – all a part of Hillary Clinton’s uber “foreign policy achievements.” Gadhafi’s weapons were sent directly to Syria for use against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. (As an aside, a natural gas pipeline was planned from Qatar through Syria, into Turkey and then finally Europe. While a pipeline from Russia through the Ukraine has also become problematic. These “pipeline pipedreams” are worthy of separate journalism. Gareth Porter says they have no linkage to the war in Syria. Others say they do.)

Mr. Porter explains the plans the transnational elites had for Libya’s weapon stocks here. Sy Hersh pitches in here. Their erudite journalism is no urban legend. WND ran this article briefly mentioning the late Mr. Stevens’ role in overseeing the transfer of Libya’s weapons to interested parties. The New York Times further chronicled the Libya debacle here and here. We’re told that weapons were also simultaneously pouring into Libya from the UAE and Qatar, which were backing different local militia factions vying for power in post-Gadhafi Libya. This influx presented yet another unanticipated headache for late Ambassador Stevens at his annex.

Says Mr. Porter:

“Obama … agreed to provide covert U.S. logistical help in carrying out a campaign of military assistance to arm opposition groups. CIA involvement in the arming of anti-Assad forces began with arranging for the shipment of weapons from the stocks of the Gaddafi regime that had been stored in Benghazi. CIA-controlled firms shipped the weapons from the military port of Benghazi to two small ports in Syria using former U.S. military personnel to manage the logistics. The funding for the program came mainly from the Saudis” (emphasis mine).

Notice the lexis, “funding from the Saudis.” Saudi Arabia is currently besieged by major financial problems. It can’t pay its foreign workers languishing in desert tent cities. Saudi Aramco, the richest transnational corporation in the history of mankind, is being pawned via an IPO on Wall Street. Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest ATM and offers almost unlimited wealth for the Kingdom. Without Saudi Aramco, there would be no postmodern Saudi Arabia and no global Saudi-U.S. petrodollar. The petrodollar enables the U.S. to freely export its inflation to the rest of the world left holding real paper dollars needed to buy oil. In effect, Saudi Aramco is the lynchpin of the global financial system. (Few understand and fully process this vital truth.)

Continues Porter, again free of any urban legend:

A declassified October 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency report revealed that the shipment in late August 2012 had included 500 sniper rifles, 100 RPG (rocket propelled grenade launchers) along with 300 RPG rounds and 400 howitzers. Each arms shipment encompassed as many as ten shipping containers, it reported, each of which held about 48,000 pounds of cargo. That suggests a total payload of up to 250 tons of weapons per shipment. Even if the CIA had organized only one shipment per month, the arms shipments would have totaled 2,750 tons of arms bound ultimately for Syria from October 2011 through August 2012. More likely it was a multiple of that figure.

Porter noted that: “The CIA’s covert arms shipments from Libya came to an abrupt halt in September 2012 when Libyan militants attacked and burned the embassy annex in Benghazi that had been used to support the operation.” (Recall “Charlie Wilson’s War” and the captured Soviet weapons the Israelis had in stock being transferred to the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan.)

It’s terrifying. People for whom you (perhaps) voted actually armed ISIS to overthrow the eye doctor-dictator of Syria. For the clinical sociopath, the added bonus might well be that ISIS martyred countless Christians along the way. Wrecking Libya/Syria doesn’t keep our elites up at night. Liberals don’t like to be questioned, let alone challenged. And now the whole Benghazi meme is melting away like a snowman in the Sahara as we’re busy learning “the difference this makes.”

Gadhafi gave up his dreams of an atomic bomb. He visited France while sleeping in his grandiose tent. He welcomed Western leaders to visit him in Libya. Yet, according to Hillary’s emails and WikiLeaks, Gadhafi was still persona non-grata.

The search for Gadhafi’s lost gold

Second, in the world of the emerging urban myth, while Gadhafi’s wealth in oil and fresh water is well known (“The Great Man-Made River” he hoped would make the Sahara bloom), few knew he had accumulated 143.8 tons of gold. He floated an idea to create a Pan African dinar linked to gold.

When Gadhafi was killed, he was fleeing Libya, along with his gold. He also had a great deal of silver on hand. A hard-money advocate, Gadhafi wanted Libya to become an economic powerhouse in Francophone Africa. This news did not please the French government.


Urban legends take on a life all their own. Read a PDF of Gadhafi’s own “Green Book” here. We know Gadhafi had a good-looking, all-female collection of bodyguards. As for his gold, some say it wound up in South Africa. But why would South Africa, home of DeBeers (along with Namibia) need Gadhafi’s gold, when it has so much gold (and diamonds) of its own? NPR says Gadhafi might have moved his gold out of the Central Bank in Tripoli to a location near the borders of Chad and Niger.

For the Cliff Notes version of “The Last Days of Gadhafi,” the story goes something like this:

A 200-vehicle convoy featuring armored trucks and military vehicles – and carrying Gadhafi’s gold, silver and cash – was sent to Niamey, Niger. Along the way, they (allegedly) robbed banks where Gadhafi had stored some of his precious metals. According to a source quoted by the U.K. Telegraph, “Gaddafi’s trusted security chief, Mansour Dao, robbed a bank in the city of Sitre.” If true, this tale includes multiple thefts, both the micro and the macro, as though multiple realities are simultaneously co-existing. Libya was being looted by NATO while Gadhafi’s men were busy playing Keanu Reeves and the late Patrick Swayze in “Point Break.”

The aforementioned convoy weaved its way back and forth across the border with Algeria on an 800-mile jaunt to freedom. This was because the Sahara is difficult to police due to its vastness and harsh terrain. Tuareg tribesmen were ready to help Gadhafi, as they held him on a pedestal. Gadhafi was using some of his gold to pay foreign mercenaries to protect him. (He probably should have hired Sandline or Executive Outcomes.)

Gadhafi had been offered asylum in Burkina Faso, a signatory of the International Criminal Court, which in turn had issued a warrant for Gadhafi’s arrest. Venezuela and Rhodesia-Zimbabwe also offered asylum. One should remember the late Nelson Mandela also held Gadhafi in high regard. The Church Street Massacre in South Africa, along with Lockerbie, will be forever tied to their names. Did Gadhafi’s riches find their way to South Africa after he died?

Staying mission-centric, let us once again ask: Who took Gadhafi’s gold, which was worth around $7 billion?

Consider Hillary’s reaction to Gadhafi’s murder in which she breaks out in cackling laughter. The video clip on YouTube has more than 1.8 million views. Responding to the sodomizing (with a knife) and murder of a world leader then-cooperating on in the “War on Terror” – no matter how flawed he was – seems sociopathic. This leads us to an examination of the cognitive architecture of our political, cultural, diplomatic and military elites. (Such a study would fill several sets of encyclopedias.) For now, there’s the “Virtual Reading Room” of the U.S. State Department. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, anyone is allowed access to important emails about Libya. Begin your self-education right here.

Lots to unpack behind the scenes

Let’s unpack the events behind the scenes. There’s so much going on in the MENA region that is currently escaping scrutiny. Djibouti is now home to U.S., Chinese and Saudi bases. Russia was denied its request for a base in the Horn of Africa by the Djibouti government. The French Foreign Legion decamped from Djibouti to make room for the U.S. base. Turkey is setting up a base in Qatar, where the U.S. already has the massive Al Uedid Air Force Base. Israel is also involved in the conflict in Yemen, and it is allegedly treating injured ISIS jihadists on Israeli soil. The UAE, fighting in Yemen, set up military bases in Eritrea and the Republic of Somaliland.

Saudi Arabia has designs on Yemen’s oil and gas holdings in the Rub al Kali or “Empty Quarter.” A land bridge is planned from Yemen to Djibouti. There are also plans for regional integration from the Middle East to North Africa. The oil fields of Ethiopia are keenly coveted.

If our elites are indeed narcissistic sociopaths, one might be tempted to think they reflect the general population who elected them. But what if they don’t? What if our elites are a class – or even a cult – unto themselves? For those of us who don’t support endless war, cluster bombs and famine – the events in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, the Ukraine and South Sudan lead us to wonder if our elites have (or will ever) come clean about their true agenda(s).

Was Libya one of the greatest heists in the history of modern times? Let’s deconstruct the endgame. ISIS got the weapons it needed to challenge Syria, Assad and his elite “Tiger Forces.” France got easy access to Libya’s oil. Unidentified parties have divided up Gadhafi’s 143.8 tons of gold. There will be no Pan African gold dinar. The petrodollar remains relatively secure. Libya’s fresh water could be privatized and monetized. Millions of refugee children without official papers have fled Syria to Europe, where they will be easy prey to satanic predators.

Cui bono? Did all of these outcomes just happen by random chance? How is it possible that Col. Gadhafi and Ambassador Stevens could have suffered the exact same fate? Was that just bad luck? Humans tend to see (or invent) patterns and linkages where none exist, as this article explains in Scientific American. One should be on guard against chasing such ghosts.

As for our own personal endgame, how do we navigate a world cursed by broken, violent sociopaths and pathological liars? The poor starving people in Yemen, in the midst of a biblical famine, are “in the way” of some grandiose “master plan.” Libya is a mess. And Syria is worse off than Libya. The Middle East, the cradle of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, is being rapidly de-Christianized, as something horrible slouches toward Bethlehem, waiting to be born.

Apocalyptic, scary boogeymen have long been ingrained into Western culture. Could what has transpired in Syria and Yemen actually happen one day in the United States of America?

Echoing the fate of the late Col. Gadhafi and the people of Yemen, one can only wonder who might be next on the list of those deemed “in the way.” Hillary’s fingerprints remain all over Libya and Syria. Mrs. Clinton might have actually believed at one point that her role in Libya would propel her to the U.S. presidency. Instead, the sodomization, rape, murder and looting of Libya and its people – not to mention the fate of the late Ambassador Stephens – have forever stained Hillary’s legacy.

When I think of Hillary and her role in the Libya debacle, I recall what Patrick Swayze concluded while sitting on Bells Beach, Australia, at the end of “Point Break.” He said, “Life sure has a sick sense of humor.” WikiLeaks, the Freedom of Information Act and Hillary’s all-to-accessible “classified” emails are proof that “Your sin will find you out.” The character of “Andre Linoge” – clever word play for the demon “Legion” made famous in Chapter 5 of the Gospel of Mark – explained this in Stephen King’s classic “The Storm of the Century.”

The people of Montclair/Piedmont are thankful that no one would dare to cackle and laugh while saying, “Veni, Vidi, Vici” about the fate of poor Ambassador Stevens. He was a smart, nice-looking, educated man who sought to serve the U.S. and the people of the Middle East. Those who’d laugh at his demise would no doubt be seen as deranged. Perhaps the last laugh is embodied in this WikiLeaks page detailing Hillary’s take on Gadhafi’s gold. Read it here.

It could be fairly argued that Hillary’s laughter on national television concerning Gadhafi’s rape and murder hurt her at the polls. It galvanized the views of her critics concerning her worldview and cognitive architecture. This was/is unfortunate for her devotees. Hillary’s quote is “up there” with Madeline Albright stating the death of 500,000 Iraqi children due to U.S. and United Nations-led sanctions was “worth it.” Albright later lamented her ill-timed remark.

Ultimately, arming creepy, demonic ISIS, directly, indirectly or by accident – and thus assisting it in their ancillary crusade to murder Christians in a manner calling to mind the saints of ancient Rome and the Middle Ages – is an abomination. You hurt God’s child/children, then you hurt God, and that’s the last place on this planet you ever want to be.

For those of us who will never know the true whereabouts of Gadhafi’s lost gold, we may have found something far more valuable – peace in our hearts and clarity of our value system. Only liars tolerate other liars. God hates hands that shed innocent blood. Put not your trust in princes. We can take comfort in the fact that all nations before Almighty God are as nothing (Isaiah 40:17). The plans of the transnational elites can only go as far as God lets them.

The final lesson of Gadhafi’s lost gold and the looting of Libya can be found in the strangely intertwined, mirrored fates of the late colonel and the late Ambassador Stevens. This lesson is sharp like a razor and steady like a locomotive:

In this world, you pay as you go. Sometimes with all you have.

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