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Why Dylan's 'Spiritual Life' remains his undying muse

(HOLLYWOODINTOTO) — Few books boast contributions from a former president, Alice Cooper, Marvel director Scott Derrickson and a scribe from The Nation.

“Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life” by Scott M. Marshall landed that diverse quartet. The author credits his source’s enduring appeal more than any writing flourishes. It’s also a testament to Dylan’s continual search for spiritual meaning.

Christian? Jew? Agnostic? An inquisitive soul seeking answers to our biggest questions? Perhaps it’s all of the above. And that search continues to fascinate us. For those folks, or simply anyone who admires one of western civilization’s premier songsmiths, “A Spiritual Life” is a must-read.

WND note: As Bob Dylan sang, you gotta serve somebody. Read the brand-new documentation of his godly journey: “Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life”