It’s more than just a vacation. It’s an extraordinary pilgrimage at sea, a chance to radicalize and deepen your faith in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable. And now, one lucky woman will be attending the life-changing WND 2017 Alaska cruise for free after winning the journey of a lifetime.

Jennifer Pafford will be joining WND founders Joseph and Elizabeth Farah, Mark Biltz, author of “Blood Moons” and “God’s Day Timer,” and hundreds of excited guests on the 2017 cruise from Sept. 8-15. The journey is especially exciting because Pafford’s pilgrimage will take place on a date of deep meaning for her and her family.

“I was very surprised and happy to win the WND cruise,” she said. “My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, so having this opportunity is a blessing. I love being on the water and can’t wait to see the beauty of Alaska’s landscape and wildlife. Also, I am really looking forward to listening to and learning from the speakers.”

Pafford is a relatively recent addition to the WND family, which makes her victory extra special.

“I only began reading WND a few months ago,” she marveled. “I was able to visit Israel and shortly after my return began listening to the El Shaddai ministries livestream. It was there I learned about WND and Joseph Farah’s book ‘The Restitution of All Things.’ I ordered the book and started receiving the WND newsletter. My favorite thing about the website is the faith columns.”

And faith will be at the center of the WND 2017 Alaska Cruise. It’s not just a vacation. And while it will have all the extravagance and beauty of a world-class pleasure cruise, it will also be a spiritual quest.

With the Farahs and Mark Biltz as speakers, the cruise won’t just feature the awe-inspiring sights of Alaska, but an educational program on the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith which promises to utterly transform how believers view their relationship with God and interpret the Bible.

Rediscovering the ancient Jewish traditions and how they relate to Christianity is a passion of all three speakers. Joseph Farah’s most recent book is “The Restitution Of All Things,” a revolutionary look at what the Bible is all about. Farah discovers the “Great Hope” all the prophets spoke of is God’s Kingdom on Earth. The book is also a challenge to Christians to examine some of the most widely held assumptions about what God expects of them, including how they should approach the Jewish state of Israel and whether the Biblical Law still applies.

Farah is the co-founder with his wife Elizabeth of WND.com, the first independent online news source, now in its 20th year as one of the most widely trafficked websites on the planet and the biggest Christian website in the world.

He is the author and co-author of more than a dozen books, including a collaboration with Rush Limbaugh on his classic “See, I Told You So,” the bestselling non-fiction book of 1993 and 1994. He is also the founder of WND Books and WND Films. Among the new media pioneers, Farah uniquely has 20 years of experience in the so-called “mainstream media,” much of that time spent running daily newspapers in major markets before launching the first and oldest independent online news service about the same time the Drudge Report was founded in 1997.

Time is running out to take part in this extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime trip. Check out the luxurious ship, the incredible itinerary and book your cabin before it is too late! Don’t delay another moment – join us on this amazing adventure!

Elizabeth Farah is a marketing and operations guru and the co-founder of WND.com whose avocation is the study of the Scriptures, especially as to how they pertain to the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith.

Cruise contest winner Jennifer Pafford

Cruise contest winner Jennifer Pafford

And Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries is the discoverer of the “Blood Moons” phenomenon and the author of several books explaining the incredible connections between Judaism and Christianity.

But time is almost out to take part in this extraordinary, life-changing journey. The cruise itself is only a few months away, and there are only a few days left to register at WNDCruise.com!

It all starts in Seattle Sept. 8, spending the next day at sea, docking Sept. 10 in Ketchikan, originally an Indian fish saltery and later a supply base for miners in the Gold Rush.

On day 4, the ship treks through the 26-mile Tracy Arm fjords where some of the most dramatic Alaskan glacier settings can be seen in all their splendor. The lush rain forest recedes to reveal a stunning canyon of bare rock. The panoramic of 7,000-foot mountain peaks and nearly vertical rock cliffs are astounding.

Waterfalls appear at every turn. Icebergs make their way to the sea in all sorts of wondrous shapes. And tucked away at the end of this remarkable waterway are two very active reminders of the Ice Age – the twin Sawyer Glaciers, calving icebergs into the jade-colored inland sea. Kittiwakes, mountain goats and seals are a common sight. Whales and bears may even make an appearance in this magical place.

Next up is Juneau, the capital of Alaska, founded during a gold rush in 1880. Today, the former gold-mining town counts among its riches some of Alaska’s most spectacular scenery. Nestled at the foot of Mount Juneau in the Alaska Panhandle, it faces the water from the mainland side of Gastineau Channel. Several magnificent fjords are located along the channel coast, and the majestic Mendenhall Glacier, a favorite of visitors, is nearby.

Still there is more – Skagway, another Gold Rush town, and the Alaskan Inside Passage. Another day at sea and plenty of time for teachings and lively discussions. Then there is Victoria, British Columbia, where a touch of England awaits – afternoon tea, double-decker buses, the famed Butchart Gardens, a brilliant tapestry of color spread across 50 blooming acres. Then it’s time to return to Seattle Sept. 15.

Those who miss this opportunity may truly regret it. The worst part of many vacations is returning home, knowing that the great experiences are behind you forever, never to be recaptured. But that’s not what the 2017 WND Cruise is about. Guests will come away from this trip changed, deeper in faith, having made lifelong friends and revitalized for the spiritual struggles to come.

And that’s Jennifer Pafford’s hope as well.

“I hope that I come back from the cruise feeling rested, renewed and inspired,” she told WND. “My hope for the country is that we will return to prayer, putting God’s will first in our families, communities, and the country. Also, that we all would treat each other and everyone we encounter with respect, understanding, love and kindness.”

The 2017 WND Alaska Cruise hopes to further that noble effort – as well as being a lot of fun!

Cabins are expected to fill up quickly, so check out the ship and make your plans now for a September vacation to remember for a lifetime.

It won’t just be a great time. It will be a life-changing experience. And an opportunity like this won’t come again.

Time is running out to take part in this extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime trip. Check out the luxurious ship, the incredible itinerary and book your cabin before it is too late! Don’t delay another moment – join us on this amazing adventure!

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