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America warned of 'race war' if whites do 1 thing

White supremacists carry torches and chant racist slogans in Virginia on Aug. 11 (Photo: Twitter)

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

To all the white people in the U.S. who worry that anti-white racism is at a fever pitch in today’s post-Charlottesville America, black radio host and author Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has a simple message: You’re 100 percent correct.

“I’ve been telling white people for the last 27 years that you’d better start speaking up,” Peterson told Stefan Molyneux recently on the Freedomain Radio podcast. “You’ve got to speak up, because if you don’t speak up, eventually you’re going to become angry. And then when you become angry, you’re going to come out fighting in the wrong way. And then they’re going to accuse you.

“They’re going to pass laws. They’re going to say, ‘Look, I told you the white man was racist.’ They’re going to blame you even more so.”

In Peterson’s view, white racism has nothing to do with the black community’s problems, and he encourages whites to boldly state this. However, white people have been afraid to speak up for the past several decades for fear of being called racist, he says.

Because whites are relentlessly scorned for something that is not their fault, they’ve become angry, according to Peterson. And this anger has led some of them – including the white supremacist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia – into a trap.

“Because they’re becoming angry, they are starting to fight this situation in the wrong way, not realizing that this is going to be used against them,” Peterson declared.

And the Charlottesville incident is being used against them. The mainstream and progressive media focused almost exclusively on the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who protested in Charlottesville, ignoring or even excusing the far-left “Antifa” counter-protesters who showed up and battled with the white supremacists in the streets.

Peterson, an exclusive WND columnist, urged white Americans to speak up and defend themselves, but never to do so in anger or with physical violence.

“If they fight with anger, and a lot of white folks are becoming angry, especially young whites. It’s going to be bad for the country,” he warned. “I predict that there will either be a race war or something – something bad will happen if white folks start to fight in anger. I understand why they’re mad, but it’s not right to get angry because anger backfires on you.”

Peterson has spent much of his career trying to help black men overcome their anger, just as Peterson did when he was young. It’s part of the mission of his nonprofit Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, or BOND, and it was a central theme of his book “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Peterson explains that anger is a major impediment in life. He told Molyneux that it prevents people from loving others and finding happiness. It also gets in the way of relationships with God and opens the door to fear and deception.

And when people don’t overcome their anger, he warns, it destroys them.

“All angry people feel like victims, and they blame someone else for the way that they feel,” Peterson cautioned.

He said when a person is angry, he becomes like the person with whom he is angry.

Only forgiveness can soothe the soul and dispel anger.

“If you really want to have control over your life, you must forgive, because in forgiveness you have perfect love,” the reverend advised. “Perfect love makes you free. It gives you authority over the enemy. And if you want to be strong, perfect love is the way to go, forgiveness is the way to go.

“Everyone who has anger is weak; they have no power, they have no authority, and they end up in the same situation one way or another over and over again. But once you forgive … you start to overcome situations rather than overreacting to situations, because every time you overreact, it destroys you. You are being controlled.”

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