flake (noun): 1. a small, flat, thin piece, especially one that has been or become detached from a larger piece or mass; 2. an eccentric person; screwball.

I honestly don’t know what’s more dangerous to future of the country – people like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer or people like Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake.

One thing I’m sure about – Arizona can do a whole lot better than California and New York.

I won’t even talk about McCain.

What else is there to say?

He cast a swing vote in the Senate to keep Obamacare. Does betrayal of the Constitution, his constituents and all that’s right and good in the world get any worse or more blatant? Who is pulling this guy’s strings? What is his endgame? Does he really think the media will help enshrine his legacy? For whom? For what?

I am convinced the man has no character, no virtue, no moral compass, except a broken one.

But McCain almost looks good in comparison to the other senator from Arizona – the flake, the fake, the other one who can’t help but curry favor, respect and admiration from the media establishment, the country clubbers, people who don’t love this unique experiment in self-government.

His new book is called, ironically and disrespectfully, “Conscience of a Conservative,” if you can believe it. Sound familiar? He and Random House ripped it off from Barry Goldwater’s classic, “The Conscience of a Conservative.” I suppose they both thought removing the article “The” before the title would make it all right.

I like what Brent Bozell had to say about the book: “Jeff Flake is not a conservative, nor does he have a conscience.”

Bozell took it personally because his father collaborated with Goldwater on the classic published in 1960. He called Flake an “impostor” who has wantonly betrayed conservative principles at ever turn.

“On behalf of my late father and my family, I am denouncing Senator Jeff Flake and his new book, dishonestly titled, ‘Conscience of a Conservative,'” he said in a statement a week ago. “Since entering the Senate in 2013, Jeff Flake has, time and again, proven he is part of the indulgent hypocrisy in Washington. While he waxes poetically about conservative principles, his Conservative Review Liberty score is an abysmal 53 percent, also known as: ‘F.’ In 2013, I watched firsthand as Flake refused to sign a letter pledging to defund Obamacare, among his many betrayals to conservatism.”

Of course, the media adore Flake’s attempt to redefine conservatism as liberalism-lite.

So, he is being welcomed on all the big shows that actually hate the principles upon which the country stands – the principles that real conservatives seek to uphold.

There he was on “Meet the Press” last week not standing up for conservatism and opposition to the left, but attacking those who are and do.

What are his big ideas?

“Well, I do think that we’ve seen more people ready to stand up,” he told a fawning Chuck Todd. “And I wish that we, as a party, would have stood up, for example, when the birtherism thing was going along. A lot of people did stand up but not enough.”

He called efforts to establish Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility “particularly ugly.”

And who was that a swipe against? Not me. It was an attack on Donald Trump.

But he didn’t stop there. He pointed out that he also, seemingly heroically, denounced the “lock her up” chants directed toward Hillary Clinton at Trump rallies.

He’s a flake all right. Just look it up in the dictionary.

Arizona: You can do better. You can do a lot better.

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