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Beware revolution

[Regarding “Mueller impanels grand jury in Russia probe”] Grand juries can indict a ham sandwich. Deep State cretin Mueller, establishment swamp junkie, figures he can nail Trump per instructions from Club Swamp.

Mueller is ignoring something verrrrry important. If Trump is removed and denied his election mandate to drain the swamp, there will be revolution. Yes. Impeachment is the spark that will set it off. Anyone who says different is living in denial or fantasy land and cannot see that millions on millions of Americans are totally fed up with a bloodsucking government that won’t allow the electorate to fix what’s wrong. Only Trump and a few others in D.C. are fighting for them.

Somebody’s got to say it. The people of this country are fed up with the criminal syndicate that is D.C. and sick and tired of taking their s–t. So go ahead, Mueller, make their day.