Why did Charlottesville take place? I believe it was part of the slow-motion coup d’état aimed at ridding the White House of President Donald Trump.

In trying to agree what it was, let’s start by agreeing what it wasn’t. The only impossible explanation for Charlottesville is the one we’re supposed to believe. Right-wing bigots, the narrative goes, decided to mount a peaceful demonstration to defend their views. Suddenly, busloads of “counter-demonstrators” spontaneously rallied to the ramparts with broken bourbon bottles to defend humanity. And be thankful, Children. The vile aim of those vicious bigots, to start a race war in America, was thwarted, rejected and utterly defeated. Our flag is still there!

That’s not even a nice try. Since when did those seeking a peaceful demonstration arrive at the appointed location with helmets, body armor and firearms, only to be confronted by the courageous Bands of Brotherhood complete with their own helmets, body armor and signs denouncing racism?

And why any of this? The embattled bigots said they were protesting the threatened removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee? What a handsome burst of baloney! It was plain a-plenty that nobody in that unruly drama cared as much about the whereabouts of a statue of Robert E. Lee as you care about a statue of Skanderbeg in the main square of Tirana, Albania.

That entire tragic exercise was a stage-show. By whom, and for what purpose? I say it was a plain and simple part of the slow-motion coup underway against President Donald Trump!

No American election has ever generated as much rage and distress as the remarkable upset victory of Donald Trump. By Saturday, Aug. 12, one thing was becoming clear. Too much good news was coming out of the Trump White House. Jobs, confidence, the fall-off of illegal border crossings and unemployment and the fall-up of American prestige and U.N. support – all this and more overshadowed the failure of all previous attempts to derail the Trump Train. Worst of all – for the Trump haters – it was becoming evident that Trump’s “tough talk” to North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un was working and would propel Trump’s popularity to still higher pinnacles. Trump’s supporters were beginning to feel the heady warmth of total vindication. His enemies were about to gag.

Either the admittedly extreme claim of this Charlottesville theory is correct, or Trump’s enemies have coincidentally harvested one of the greatest rewards in history. Consider!

Naturally, Trump forcefully denounced the violence. I assumed that meant the bigots. the so-called white nationalists or white supremacists with their zero-credible roll-call of Nazis, KKK members, David Duke followers and independent haters. But wait a minute! Apparently, Trump’s forceful condemnation was insufficiently forceful and condemnatory of the bigots!

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was quicker than a duck on a June bug to denounce Trump for – and you’ve heard it a million times already – “refusing to call out the evil forces by name”! Leaders from both parties and from all points of the political compass joined the attack on Trump for refusing to call out the enemy by name! Even GOP stalwart Sen. Marco Rubio joined the attack on Trump. I found this staggering. I’ve heard Trump denounce David Duke by name in contexts long forgotten. Is anybody seriously asserting that Trump lacks the courage to call out the Ku Klux Klan by name? You bet! Nothing Trump says or has said or honestly and obviously believes seems to be helping him. It’s as though, instead of forceful denunciation, he has congratulated the KKK! And by now, the Trump enemies insist, it’s too late to call out the enemy by name!

We’re told “Trump is afraid to alienate important elements in his base.” Is it possible Trump isn’t aware of the breadth and depth of his own popularity? Trump has no reason to fear calling out the enemy by name.

Since the bigots hijacked all the news channels last Saturday, none of that good news Trump has accomplished for the American people is being mentioned in the coup-complicit media.

And there’s an interesting little flip-side to Trump’s dilemma. Just as nothing seems to excuse Trump for “failure to call out the enemy by name,” Trump doesn’t dare get all warm and milky about the “counter-demonstrators” whose ranks fairly bulge with far-left extremists who are having the time of their political lives being congratulated for willingly calling out the enemy by name. If, in the week after Charlottesville, Trump can recover his political equilibrium while his “tough talk” – the kind that made Sen. Diane Feinstein take a pill and lie down – continues to have a restraining effect on Kim Jong-un (which it certainly seems to be doing!), then Trump will have scaled to ever higher levels of political altitude.

Meanwhile, do I have it straight? It’s not enough to denounce all hatred. It’s not enough to denounce those haters forcefully. And it’s not enough to denounce all haters forcefully and by name even before the tear gas wafts away from the square. Instead you’ve got to denounce all haters by name to the point where any and all political advantage you enjoy as a conservative must be officially surrendered to the liberals!

George Orwell, don’t bother calling your office.

It’s too late.

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