Charlottesville: What happens if U.S. children lose our history?

By Around the Web

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(FOX NEWS) — As the school year kicks off in many places across the country it coincides with a very real and explosive situation taking place in America’s streets that speaks directly to the decline of history in this country. Following the terrible events in Charlottesville, we are now facing the very real threat of our children not only losing history through lack of education, but through erasure.

The distressing events of the last several days do provide us with an opportunity to educate our children about history, if we are willing to take it.

I am an author of historical fiction books for kids. And all the time, I hear some version of this lament: “History is just not being taught in our schools anymore! Kids don’t know if the war for independence was the Revolutionary War or the Civil War – it’s pathetic!”

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