Music legend Charlie Daniels

Music legend Charlie Daniels

Country-rock superstar Charlie Daniels, who at 80 years old is still performing, regularly encourages patriotism, faithfulness to the American ideal and support for America’s troops.

He’s also calling out the extremists on both ends of the political spectrum for endangering Americans’ lives.

In a new Soap Box commentary, he warns that both have their radicals, and they are becoming a threat.

“Basically what we are seeing in the streets of America doesn’t resemble mostly peaceful civil rights marches as much as it resembles anarchy, pure and simple, aided by milksop politicians who so fear they might lose a vote, they allow part of the population to run all over the rest of the population, claiming to act in the name of freedom of speech, while half of the free speech in the affected cities is being drowned out by shrill, fanatical voices and the deafening silence of any media to tell their side of the story,” he writes in a piece published Friday.

He said the radicals are taking all the oxygen out of the coverage, referring to the KKK and other white supremacists, and the anti-Trump “Antifa” and their far-left cohorts.

“Soon, the obvious is going to happen, in fact it already has, in Charlottesville, with the wanton actions of a deranged white supremacist when he drove his car through a crowd of people killing a young lady,” he wrote.

Charlie Daniels’ “Revelation: Dawn of Global Government” explains how America, Christianity and liberty are threatened by the Trojan horse of globalism.

“The first shot has yet to be fired, but it won’t be long before somebody, supremacist or protestor, is going to pull out a gun and start shooting and that’s when things get more serious than most people involved on both sides of this conflict are willing to participate in, which will remove moderate voices and leave only the radicals for the most part,” he warned.

“There’s a lot of difference in getting in somebody’s face and screaming how much you hate them and approaching somebody who may well be packing and is apt to blow your head off.”

He said the streets of America’s cities will be a “war zone.”

“The thought of this conflict escalating to that point is truly frightening, but, at least in my estimation, that is exactly where it’s heading, as there are hot heads on both sides and there are also those whose interests a lethal escalation would serve,” he said.

His comments echoed the sentiment of President Trump, who several days earlier called out the extremists on both sides to ratchet down the violence.

Continued Daniels: “Because the ultimate goal of all this chaos is not about a few pieces of marble and bronze, that commemorate the Civil War and the ones who fought on the losing side, and mark my words, even if every vestige of that war was removed from public view, the movers and shakers of this movement would still not be happy. They will demand more and more and emboldened by their victories and the spineless politicians who let them run wild, will continue to provoke, demand and wreak havoc on the streets of America.

“There is a fork in the road ahead and the direction America chooses could well determine whether our children can live in safety or whether the cities will turn into an urban war zone like parts of Chicago,” he said, citing the city that is one of the deadliest in the nation for gun violence, despite some of the strictest gun control laws anywhere.

Through the first half of 2017, 323 people were murdered in Chicago, putting the city on track to top 700 homicides for a second consecutive year.

“The difference being that most of the citizens in America will not be deprived of firearms to protect themselves like the citizens of Chicago are and they’re not going to stand by and be occupied in their own neighborhoods,” he said.

“I believe there is a tipping point in all of this, and once we’ve reached it there will be blood.”

“It’s time for action,” he said. “What kind of action? Whatever kind of action it takes to protect American citizens from chaos, violence and anarchy.”

Charlie Daniels’ “Revelation: Dawn of Global Government” explains how America, Christianity and liberty are threatened by the Trojan horse of globalism.


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