Laurie Cardoza-Moore

Laurie Cardoza-Moore

A pro-Israel American evangelical activist has some harsh words for Christian leaders who sided with Islamists in the ongoing dispute over security concerns on the Temple Mount – claiming they “promote heresy.”

“These so-called ‘Heads of Churches in Jerusalem’ are false prophets,” Laurie Cardoza-Moore, a filmmaker and founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations. “Their words are in direct violation of the Torah, the prophets, the writings and the New Testament.”

She was reacting to a declaration a week ago by a group of churches under the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which criticized Israel for new security precautions around the Temple Mount following a shooting attack by terrorists that killed two Israel Druze policemen. Israel temporarily installed metal detectors to screen Muslim worshippers attending the Mosque of Omar. Non-Muslim visitors to the Temple Mount already faced such screening.

Many Christians were silent during the horrors of the Holocaust. See the movie that documents why Christians must now take a stand for justice and defend the people and nation of Israel.

The statement by the Christian leaders referred to the Temple Mount by the Islamic names – “Haram Ash Sharif” and “Al Aqsa,” without any reference to the biblical connection to the site.

“This [statement] should serve as a warning to anyone – flee from these false prophets and their churches,” Cardoza-Moore declared. “Had they read their Bibles instead of promoting heresy, they would have discovered that the Temple Mount (not Al Aqsa) is the holiest place on earth according to God, Judaism and Christianity.”

Cardoza-Moore stars in a TV show called “Focus on Israel” carried by WND-TV and in the documentary “The Forgotten People: Christianity and the Holocaust.”

Other critics of the position paper by the churches point out that Pope Francis referred to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who wrote the check for the Munich Olympics terrorist attack, as an “angel of peace.” The Vatican has also recognized the Palestinian claim to East Jerusalem by locating its embassy in Tel Aviv rather than Jerusalem.

“These church leaders are promoting heresy in direct violation of God’s commandments and the most vile form of anti-Semitic revisionist history and replacement theology,” Cardoza-Moore asserted.

Replacement theology is a doctrine that holds the church “replaced” Israel in God’s plan and in the covenant with the biblical patriarchs. Most evangelicals and some other Christian groups see Israel as the physical manifestation of God’s everlasting covenant with the Jewish people.

“Not only have they rejected God’s eternal covenant with our Jewish brethren, but they have replaced Christianity entirely with a radical Islamic ideology,” Cardoza-Moore told Breaking Israel News. “These leaders were either forced at gunpoint to make this heretical claim, or they have replaced their brand of Christianity with Islam.”

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