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“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – J.R.R. Tolkien, “The Fellowship of the Ring”

Consider this article from the New Yorker: “Is America Headed for a New Kind of Civil War?

Regardless of what the New Yorker thinks, or the spin it puts on the causes, the answer to the headline question above is: Yes. America is headed for a new civil war. The tipping point has passed. And no matter which extreme fascist flavor you favor (the fascist right or the fascist [Antifa] left), does not matter. Internal war is coming.

Actually, the New Yorker headline is misleading in that it qualifies the question with the words “new kind.” There’s no such thing as a “new kind” of civil war. The same conditions and processes that led to the Chinese Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the German Revolution are in play today in America (and most of the Western world). The only dynamic that’s truly different here is represented by the more than 300 million firearms in the hands of American citizens (and I suspect that number is conservative; at least I know what I’d say to any pollster asking me about how many guns I own).

The vast majority of Americans want very little, really. Freedom to worship (or not) as they see fit, the ability to protect and nurture their children, the opportunity to work and receive the fruits of their own labor, and to be left alone by busybodies. All of these simple desires have been under an escalating assault for a while now. The strife that’s on the horizon, engineered by those to whom power is the only goal, will end these hopes for the majority of people for some time to come.

When the war starts, most of the damage to lives and property will occur in the large population centers. For this reason, if you value your life, your children, and your property, it’s time to move. You need to get out of Dodge now, while it’s still possible and even easy.

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In previous columns, I wrote about how to set up a country “bug-out” while living in the city. That’s the way to go if you absolutely can’t leave your current location. But it’s greatly preferable to already be in a place of safety if things come apart quickly, rather than trying to make the journey when all about you is chaos. Ask those prescient Jews who left Germany and France in the early 1930s.

However if you’d prefer more specific reasons, here are a few:

  • Community – If you’re already there and established, you’ve already made inroads with your neighbors. Let me tell you, it will be a lot easier to get back through a road block if the guy in charge of who passes is a neighbor and a lodge-brother. Telling a stranger that you own land up the road isn’t nearly as helpful as being able to shake his hand and ask him how the grandkids are doing.
  • Employment – If you’ve already got or made a job while living at your bug-out, you’re much more likely to be able to continue working regardless of civil disruption elsewhere or an economic collapse, although the forms of payment may change. And even if your job is based on working out of the area via telecommuting or travel (for reasons we’ll get into in more detail later), if you lose that job you’re much more likely find another job if you’re already a local.
  • Self-dependence – A cargo container of supplies at a bug-out location is great, but it’s hard to guard if you’re half a state away, plus it’s stocked with things that can’t be easily replaced in times of trouble. But if you’re farming and working and living in your own place, you’re adding to your storage every day.
  • Peace of mind – As things continue to unravel (and they will), the daily news will be a lot easier to take with God’s stars in the sky at night, the sound of a coyote’s howl instead of a cop helicopter, or distant gunfire that means the neighbors are hunting rather than someone hunting you. Stress and worries about the future are mitigated when a news blurb about fascists burning and looting in the city center means that they are four hours and a world away.
  • Experience – When you’re living at your retreat, you’ll actually have a chance to use those things you’ve read about and stored away, and that can make all the difference. A sack of seed and a book does not a gardener make; and driving a tractor and fixing it when it doesn’t want to drive can’t be learned from YouTube.

There are a lot of other reasons why moving for self-dependence now is a good idea:

• Fact: Rural folks are more religious

Don’t discount this, even if you’re not religious. Christian morality and ethics were, and remain, fundamental in the development of Western Democracy and the rule of law. Even atheists benefit from the Christian underpinnings of America. Find this hard to believe? Go to Mosul or Tehran, openly declare yourself an atheist, and see what happens.

• Fact: There is less poverty in rural areas.

Despite what you hear on liberal media, the poverty rate in rural America is 2.7 percent lower than that of urban America, according to 2015 data compiled by the US Census. (13.3 percent versus 16 percent.)

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So leaving the big city lights for more starlight isn’t just a good idea for the coming bad days, it’s better for your health and safety.

Next week I’ll tell you how to make a living in your retreat. There’s good new there as well … if you’re willing to trade in the Lexus for a pickup.

So until then, start thinking about the wide-open spaces, the end of traffic jams, and actually getting to know (and like) your neighbors.

In other words, get prepared.

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