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Marxist infiltration in America 'virtually complete'

“Anti-fascism” is all the rage (literally) in America today. Some media outlets excused the violent actions of the “Antifa,” or “anti-fascists” in Charlottesville, Virginia, because they opposed white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

But what power do the white supremacists have to bring “fascism” to America when they are a small, fringe, nearly universally reviled group of people? That is what puzzles Charles Sasser, a longtime historian, journalist, photographer and author.

“These people have very little financial support from anybody,” Sasser said in an interview this week on “Stand for Truth Radio” with Susan Knowles. “They’re such small numbers. They may be reprehensible, but they don’t really pose a threat to our society.

“The left is the one that’s been doing all the rioting, tearing up college campuses, etcetera. Those people are well supported. I mean, they’re financed. But these people – KKK, white supremacists – they’re never going to be a threat to this country.”

Sasser noted Black Lives Matter activists were able to march through the streets of major American cities chanting “Pigs in a blanket; fry ‘em like bacon” and “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” without arousing fears of fascism from the establishment media. But when a small group of white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, it was seen as a sign of fascism in America.

There’s a reason the Democratic-liberal establishment and mainstream media seem to condone left-wing chaos, according to Sasser: It helps them advance their preferred method of government.

“Chaos is the mother of socialism,” Sasser told Knowles, pointing out former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once said a good crisis should never go to waste.

“Collective government thrives on such opportunities. They thrive on chaos because it gives them an opportunity for more control. So there’s a reason all this chaos is occurring. It’s being instigated.”

Sasser details the individuals and organizations instigating chaos in the service of socialism in his brand-new book “Crushing the Collective: The Last Chance to Keep America Free and Self-Governing.”

Socialism’s infiltration into America really began with the Frankfurt School, according to Sasser. This collection of Marxist intellectuals fled Nazi Germany and settled in New York’s Columbia University in 1935.

They believed a communist revolution could not succeed in a fully developed country like the United States, so instead they proposed a “long march through the institutions.” The idea was that if communists infiltrated the institutions of American society – government, religion, media, education, entertainment and religion – they could subvert the country and create the conditions necessary for a communist takeover.

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“This long march through the institutions has been going on a long time; it’s virtually complete,” Sasser asserted. “So here I am being pessimistic, but I think it may be too late. And I’m supposed to be optimistic, but I can’t be. I’m a historian, so I look at this and say, ‘It’s too late.’”

A Gallup poll last year found 55 percent of young American adults now have a positive view of socialism, which is roughly the same number of young adults that view capitalism positively (57 percent). Sasser sees this as a disturbing trend.

“That’s the thing that astounds me, is how many people, especially young people, look favorably on socialism without thinking about the 100 million people that socialism was responsible for … killing,” Sasser said.

He noted Hitler is universally reviled as history’s greatest villain, yet the notorious fascist dictator did not murder as many people as communist tyrants Mao Zedong of China or Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union.

One hallmark of communist nations is a government-controlled press, and Sasser fears that’s exactly what the American left wants. He noted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., introduced a bill in 2013 that would have offered protections to journalists, but it effectively defined “journalists” as those working for mainstream news organizations – not bloggers, freelancers or non-salaried reporters.

In addition to encroaching on freedom of the press, the left has encroached on education.

“Books like ‘Huckleberry Finn,’ they’re being censored in many schools, and they’re also being edited to reflect political correctness through e-books and so forth,” Sasser noted. “And a lot of books are being done that way, and that’s the thing with putting all these books on electronics – there won’t be any preservation.”

Sasser decried the rampant use of technology among today’s children, particularly the types of audio and video technology that have replaced books.

“You make them dependent upon technology, you make them dependent upon their peers, then it’s just one step away from being dependent upon government,” he warned.

In fact, Sasser believes the whole country is in the grip of dependency. He subscribes to Scottish professor Alexander Tyler’s belief that societies undergo an endless cycle: bondage to spiritual faith, spiritual faith to liberty, liberty to abundance, abundance to complacency, complacency to apathy, apathy to dependency, and dependency back into bondage.

Sasser thinks America is currently in the dependency stage, just one step away from bondage.

“We’ve got 47 percent of our people now that depend upon the government one form or another for their largesse, and we get almost half of our people that depend on the other half,” he said. “We’ve got serious problems, because when you make a man dependent, you own the man.”

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