“Smoking, non-smoking, or first available?” asked restaurant hostesses for years before smoking was totally banned in most eating establishments.

Poor smokers. All those subsequent years without visiting a restaurant. Except, as we all know, most have.

How did they get around this “ban”? It’s quite simple. They didn’t smoke.

As challenging as temporary or permanent smoking cessation can be, smokers adjusted. They were not born to smoke, and so they altered their behavior in response to a culture united (rightly so) against smoke-filled rooms.

And America has had no problem coming down hard on this unnecessary, harmful behavior. In fact, the fight continues, as the FDA now wants to reduce the amount of nicotine in cigarettes to make it easier to overcome the addiction.

So why can’t we stop making it easy for those attracted to the same sex, or who are gender confused, to follow their high-risk inclinations?

As with smokers, the gender make-believers in our military could adjust as well – to reality. Hopefully, our president’s sudden but wise policy change will be fully implemented and obeyed in all branches of the armed forces.

After all, hasn’t the rallying cry for decades been to allow people to “be who they are”?

So it makes no sense that America is being blackmailed in our schools, our workplaces and in the military (before Trump’s promising new order) to permit gender-defiant people to be … who they are not.

Consider Charmaine, a sergeant in the U.S. Army. Sobbing to fellow soldiers and to a sympathetic reporter, Charmaine believes Donald Trump is the devil incarnate.

“He’s banning transgender people from serving their country!” And Charmaine, whose real name is Charles, has a dog in this fight, believing “she” will now be prevented from serving “her” country.

And Charles will be unable to take advantage of the generous benefit of taxpayer-funded cosmetic and deconstructive treatment (aka, surgical mutilation) as ordained by the Obama administration. That radical, lawless order was given new life by 23 Republican members of Congress who recently joined all Democrats and voted to retain it, thus killing the Hartzler amendment, which would have ended this hormone/plastic surgery bonanza.

This generous perk was sure to draw gender rebels in disproportionate numbers into military service. The ungodly dream of sex “change” is estimated to cost $125,000 to $140,000 per individual.

Hopefully, military leaders will soon receive a formal Trump order to end gender pretense in the troops, and then they will put an end to this extremist nonsense. The Army has already conducted indoctrination sessions for females to accommodate biological males in their showers.

Back to Charmaine – let’s call him Charles, since that’s who he is. Charles is wrong.

He is not barred from service. His current bizarre behavior is banned but, like smokers, behavior can change.

Just lose the lipstick and wig, and if no other personnel issues surface (like possibly, insubordination), Charles would be welcome to stay.

Charles is a fictional character, but you get the point. There is no ban on “people.”

These same individuals can serve faithfully, if they are willing to end the nonsensical, anti-biology masquerade.

Rebels have a choice. I’m not minimizing the struggle that may ensue, but an honest self-assessment needs to take place. Do they really want to serve their country? Or themselves and their unstable perceptions? What matters most?

America is not obligated to allow this behavior in our military, and in fact, the responsible position is to firmly disallow it for the sake of combat readiness and troop morale. It’s totally disrespectful to the majority of our soldiers and sailors to put them through “training” sessions mandating acceptance of gender dysfunctional people as if they are sexual peers.

Until 2013, psychiatrists considered the “transgendered” inclination to be a disorder. And no new scientific findings prompted the label change from “gender identity disorder” to “gender dysphoria” in psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5. The nomenclature was altered simply to reflect a “change in thinking” – in other words, to satisfy the “LGBTQ” lobby’s insatiable goal to upend human nature.

And we know how they will react now – cries of “hate, bigotry, intolerance” and then, the ace of spades: death threats playing the “I’ll kill myself” card and thus manipulating compassionate America to grant their public-policy demands.

Social engineers claim that unless we legitimize cross-gender delusions, we are sending these tortured people to sure self-destruction.

Well, once again, that would be their choice – a very tragic one, but the benign existence of one’s anatomy should not cause a psychic emergency. When it does, it’s not reality’s fault.

If a rank-and-file soldier or officer doesn’t feel “safe” unless dressing as the opposite sex, the issue is a disordered mind and soul – not military “discrimination.”

Imminent self-destruction is a wild exaggeration. The opposite is true. Long-term mental stability is much more likely to arrive once the gender-confused shed their unrealistic perceptions.

Walt Heyer describes the experience of a troubled 13-year-old who was affirmed in gender “transition,” yet still committed suicide. So the much-touted need for universal support is no guarantee of problem resolution for the gender disordered.

You can’t fool Father God, the Creator of two sexes from the beginning of time.

And the military is not a social experiment. The armed forces’ mission is to protect our country. But no soldier or sailor can be ready to protect America while consumed by a foundational discomfort about sexual identity. This ought to come naturally.

When it doesn’t, counseling and possibly a new choice of vocation are the logical next steps.

But every current or future enlisted person has a choice, because no one is born in the “wrong sex body.”

You can serve America, or serve your own demons. America and biology would be the better options.

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