There are a lot of things to discuss this week, but the elephant in the room is North Korea and President Trump’s supposed reckless handling of the situation.

Since everyone and their cousin are giving their learned opinion on the matter, I have instead decided to concentrate on a topic I think Trump is in fact handling rather cavalierly. Some might even say ignorantly. This is his recent endorsement of RINO Republican candidate and current Alabama junior Sen. Luther Strange in the upcoming special election primary on Aug. 15.

Strange was appointed to keep the seat warm when Jeff Sessions became U.S. attorney general. Outsider and self-professed swamp-drainer Trump, who was elected as the “insurgent” candidate, had his choice of two other great constitutional conservative and anti-swamp candidates in Rep. Mo Brooks and Judge Roy Moore, both of whom are now running against Strange. Moore has been leading in recent polls. Both these choices are also considered to be insurgents, but Trump pulled the lever for the establishment Strange.

Why? I have no idea. After all the back and forth between Trump and McConnell recently, one would think Trump would have endorsed one of the “outsiders.” Yet he continues to confound those of us who want to support him.

So what’s so wrong with Strange? Under normal circumstances I would dig into his background, but frankly I don’t feel the need. The only thing I needed to know is that he is being backed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. After discovering this, what else do I need to find out about the guy? If McConnell is for him, I’m against him. It’s that easy.

We know McConnell isn’t going to back someone who might vote independently. He will back the man he is sure will be another rubber stamp and publicly defend the myriad of excuses McConnell concocts for why he just can’t get things done.

In fact, Strange has received $2.4 million in free advertising in the form of television and radio commercials provided by two McConnell super PACs – the Senate Leadership Fund and One Nation.

You don’t give that kind of money away unless you are sure you have a loyal stooge.

To prevent a run-off election, one of the candidates must garner over 50 percent of the vote. This is unlikely. The top two vote-getters– most likely Moore and Strange – will then advance to a September run-off election, where McConnell will use every dirty trick in the book to bury Judge Moore and drag his rubber stamp across the finish line.

This is one of those head-scratchers if could have attributed to Reince Preibus, if he were still around. With everything else on the president’s plate, I could see establishment hack Priebus suggesting that Trump quickly tweet his endorsement of Strange – which he did. I can only conclude that there must be another Priebus clone in the White House who has Trump’s ear.

“I respect President Trump, but I am baffled and disappointed Mitch McConnell and the Swamp somehow misled the president into endorsing Luther Strange,” Rep. Brooks said in a statement.

Even long-time Trump friend and political adviser Roger Stone couldn’t believe Trump’s tweet. Stone responded: “[Trump] endorses McConnell’s corrupt anti-Trump U.S. Senate candidate Luther Strange wtf?” Yes – What the Fahrvergnügen. I agree.

I’ve stated many times that I’m not a Trump guy. By that I mean not a sycophantic supporter. When Trump does something right, or at least tries in my estimation, I’ll praise him. When he screws up, goes back on his word or a campaign promise, I’ll call him out. I think that’s fair.

Many say that Trump is not a conservative ideologue – he’s more of a pragmatist – one who emphasizes practicality. I absolutely agree. But how is the endorsement of a McConnell clone practical? McConnell and his minions are the ultimate swamp-rats. Why on Earth would Trump want to add to their ranks?

Not that it will happen, but there is still time for the president to rescind his endorsement of another establishment hack and support one of the other two candidates. Both Brooks and Moore have stated their support of the Trump agenda.

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