Modern-day snake oil?

Modern-day snake oil?

Chemical controllers: why we act strange

Testosterone is linked to anger and hair loss. Pregnancy hormones take the hit for freakish cravings and all things sentimental. And the cause of that dreaded belly fat? According to Dr. Oz, “Extra belly fat can indicate one or more of the following hormonal imbalances: high estrogen, low testosterone, low DHEA (a hormone of the adrenal glands), high insulin and high cortisol.”


But oxytocin has a good reputation. “Released during childbirth, breastfeeding and orgasm ,” explains New Scientist, “oxytocin induces maternal and mate-bonding behaviour in many animals, including ourselves.”

Why? Well, because human bonding is good, satisfying intimate relations are the goal of more than just those watching after-hours commercials, and the desire to be happy is more than just a passing fancy.

Dubbed “the cuddle chemical,” oxytocin “has a reputation for spreading goodwill among humankind. It has even been touted as a potential treatment for autism, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.”

Researchers in 2005 developed a spray wherein oxytocin was used experimentally to determine if the aura of happiness could be duplicated. The answer was yes.

So now, if you want a hit of happiness, oxytocin is sold in spray online. Claims range from a better love life, pain relief, stress reduction, reduced sweets craving, and the alleviation of the social awkwardness associated with Autism and Asperger’s syndrome.


Chemical controllers? You decide.

Sea pickles

Sea pickles

Invasion of the … sea pickles

Sea pickles-2

That’s right. The creatures invading Monterey Bay, California may look like aliens, but they’re not. Even so, Pyrosomes (also known as sea pickles or fire bodies) currently washing up along the idyllic shores are not a portent of harmless humor.

The threat? Global warming.

According to NBC, “They (Pyrosomes) are more commonly found in tropical waters but have been spotted since 2015 in increasing numbers along the Northern California Current, which spans Northern California to Oregon and Washington, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.” NBC further explains, “Researchers from NOAA Fisheries’ Northwest Fisheries Science Center have partnered with universities in Oregon to explore why the creatures have surged off that state’s coastline after having rarely been seen there before.”

How many 'carrots' is that diamond?

How many ‘carrots’ is that diamond?

Strangest lost and found you’ll ever find

Everyone has lost something at some point in time. Finding the item is another matter entirely.

Consider the case of Canadian Mary Grams, 84, who’d frankly said “Forget it” to ever seeing her diamond wedding band ever again. After 13 years, who could blame her?

The time for frantic searches in pockets, drawers, on window ledges, or any other “forgotten” spot had long since passed. Letting go is healthy, after all. Grams replaced her nuptial band with a downsized version, never quite the same. Likely the reason why she never told her husband Norman, who has since passed away, about the loss.

Mary Grams, 84, and her long-lost engagement ring

Mary Grams, 84, and her long-lost engagement ring

Imagine Mary’s surprise when someone else – or rather something else – turned up wearing her wedding ring!

The 24-karat gold band with an understandably dirty diamond wasn’t exactly sparkling when returned to Grams, but it was there. Intact. Not lost – at least, not really – as it had been nestled in the garden out back the entire time. Although the finder, Grams’ daughter-in-law Colleen, admits she was going to offer the misshapen carrot, cinched to bulging by the ring, to her dog prior to washing off the dirt and striking gold.

According to Sky News, “A delighted Mrs. Grams scrubbed the (remaining) dirt off the ring before sliding it onto her finger as easily as the day her late husband had given it to her.”

What a joy to have it returned!

Check out this clip about another happy lost and amazingly found sparkler.

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Alexandria Turner – one salty mermaid

Alexandria Turner – one salty mermaid

Little Mermaid? Think again

Imagine yourself in scenic St. Augustine, Florida. Beautiful blue skies. Glittering ocean. Fishing line baited and cast. Delighting in the balmy breeze and eagerly anticipating the catch of the day. That was the scene for one fisherman last Tuesday, looking to see what he could wrest from the mighty Atlantic.

But the catch of the day quickly morphed into the catch of a lifetime.

Alexandria Turner, all of 22, bikini-clad, and blonde to boot, splashed over toward the fisherman’s line, offered him a round bit of cursing, and then clamped down on the rig and swam out to sea. The salty mermaid was eventually nabbed on dry land by waiting police.

Drunk and disorderly, Turner resisted arrest but was subsequently cuffed despite protest and removed because, according to SF Gate, she “created a scene and upset the ‘sense of public norm at the pier.’”

Ya don’t say?

Details are in the clip below:

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