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Because of political correctness, British judges are giving lighter sentences to members of Muslim “grooming” gangs convicted of raping young girls, charges the government’s senior legal adviser.

“Some have been more concerned about being labeled racist than dealing with child safeguarding,” Solicitor General Robert Buckland told the Daily Telegraph newspaper of London.

The city of Newcastle Upon Tyne is the center of the latest child sexual-abuse scandal in Britain, with 17 men and one woman convicted last week of raping more than 100 underage white girls, some as young as 13. Conservative Party members of Parliament are urging Buckland and the attorney general to review the sentences of mostly British-born men from Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities.

Noting the British media refer to the gangs as “Asian” rather than Muslim, Jihad Watch contributor Christine Douglass-Williams contends the problem goes beyond racism.

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She writes that the “violation of the girls points to a larger problem that Western leaders have continued to willfully ignore: Crimes are being committed by Muslims that are rooted in Islamic doctrine, where the West is regarded as the House of War (Dar al harb) and its women are deemed to be the spoils of this war.”

“Jihad attacks and a continued stealth invasion of the West are also all components of this war. A society is doomed when it does not even recognize who its enemy is,” she said.

She cites Denis MacShane, British member of Parliament for Rotherham between 1994 to 2012, who told the BBC’s World At One that “there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat.”

Investigators of the Rotherham case were told that “influential Pakistani councillors acted as barriers to communication on grooming issues.” Front line workers said “the town hall told them to keep quiet about the ethnicity of the perpetrators in the interests of ‘community cohesion.’”

In the Newcastle case, Douglass-Williams pointed out, one Muslim grooming gang member was open about his motive in assaulting British non-Muslim girls: “All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to f— and use as trash, that is all women like you are worth.’”

The case is only the latest to roil communities in England. In August 2014, a government report concluded that mostly British-born Pakistani men sexually abused at least 1,400 children, most of them white girls aged 11-15, in the northern English town of Rotherham between 1997 and 2013. Many of the girls were picked up by taxi drivers from care homes and schools. The abuse included gang rape, dousing the children with gasoline and trafficking them to other towns.

The trial in 2012 of a ring in Rochdale, in the Manchester area, had prompted the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee to hold hearings.

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