President Trump is the perfect president for this time in history to take on the North Korean nuclear threat.

Members of the mainstream media are going bonkers over President Trump’s tough talk toward North Korea.

President Trump says the U.S. military is “locked and loaded” – ready to unleash “fire and fury” if the North Koreans attempt to strike us or our allies.

The Destroy-Trump media and the D.C. elite blame the president for bringing us to the brink of nuclear war. Although, they forget to blame the failed policies of past administrations that actually brought us to this place.

President Obama’s policy of “strategic patience” was his way of kicking the can down the road for future administrations to handle.

President Clinton, with the help of master appeaser Jimmy Carter, negotiated an agreement with North Korea where Kim Il-sung agreed to halt the nation’s nuclear weapons program.

Clinton heralded the agreement in true Neville Chamberlain style as the North Koreans proceeded to break the agreement with little consequence.

At least President Bush can be credited with naming North Korea in the “Axis of Evil” along with Iran and Iraq. The invasion of Iraq showed the North Korean dictator there is real action that follows our tough talk. But, President Obama’s weakness on the world stage showed the Kim regime that the U.S. would be the first to blink if we approached the brink.

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The only way to beat Kim Jong-un in this showdown is to approach the brink.

I appeared on Fox News’ “The Specialists” to explain how the North Korean crisis is unlike any we have faced before, and how dangerous Kim Jong-un really is in this showdown.

Kim Jong-un clearly has no intention of giving up his nuclear weapons, and it is now President Trump who is left to deal with this problem, which was created by decades of spinelessness, indecision, cower and bureaucratic incompetence.

There is only one way to get this North Korean dictator to back down. President Trump has to make them believe that his threats are not empty and that he will act if necessary.

If Hillary, or any of the Republican presidential candidates were elected instead of President Trump, the problem would only have been delayed and exacerbated at best. At worst, if dictator Kim Jung-un really does have the capabilities he brags about, he would have already tried his hand at mass destruction under the feckless leadership of a spineless American president.

The left says the president is taking us to the brink. Yes, he is. And that is precisely the way this master-negotiator president will get the North Koreans to be the first to blink and find a solution to this crisis.

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