WASHINGTON – The old-guard media continuously label violent “alt-left” groups such as Antifa as simply “anti-racism protesters,” but a number of these groups apparently will attack anyone who disagrees, be it black Trump supporters, black Southern heritage activists or left-wing Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

R.C. Maxwell was assaulted multiple times at an “America First!” rally in Laguna Beach, California, as violent protesters accused him of being a “Nazi.”

Even though Maxwell is black, a so-called “anti-racist” protester sucker-punched him in the face.

Maxwell told WND he had been pepper-sprayed and tackled at the same rally.

The “America First!” rallies have been occurring on a weekly basis for some time, but it was only after media hysteria in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville that the event attracted counter-protesters.

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Maxwell blames the media for branding any conservative rally as “neo-Nazi” or “white supremacist,” leading the violent “alt-left” groups to believe they have a moral imperative to come out and attack mainstream conservatives.

“It was not a white-supremacist rally,” Maxwell confirmed. “After Charlottesville, we somehow need riot gear because the mainstream media characterized [the rally] as a neo-Nazi rally for ratings.”

“This is not a KKK rally,” Valentina Bankhead, an “America First!” rally-attendee told the Orange County Register. “We are here to acknowledge people who have lost their lives at the hands of undocumented people.

“They walk by, calling us racists,” Bankhead continued. “How can I be some sort of racist? I’m proud of my [Mexican] father and my heritage.”

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Maxwell thinks violent protesters targeted him specifically because of his work for the America Voice PAC, as well as previous run-ins with violent protesters.

“I was warned on Twitter that there is a target on my back given my PAC prep work for hardline right-wing causes,” Maxwell said. “I pride myself on being able to find commonality with opposing ideologies, but recently I’m shut down before I ever speak.”

“Black Rebel,” an African-American Southern heritage activist who often protests in support of Confederate monuments, also claimed he has been attacked by the “alt-left.”

Black Rebel was present in Charlottesville, Virginia, during the “Unite the Right” rally and ensuing violence. He said he was attacked by Antifa.

“I’m black and I survived Charlottesville,” he posted on Facebook. “Don’t believe the fake news. The so-called peaceful protesters attacked my group.

“Don’t use the word racist to shadow the terroristic agenda of Antifa,” he continued.

Black Rebel posted a video of the violence he faced in Charlottesville on Facebook.

Editor’s Note: Video contains offensive language:

The “alt-left” also attacked a BLM protester in Dallas, Texas, sucker-punching a black man in the face after he told a group of anarchists to take off their masks.

Editor’s Note: Video contains offensive language:

The mostly white group of masked anarchists tried to hijack the BLM protest, only to then be chased off by the original protesters.

It all has prompted observers to ask when the far-left organizers and individuals are actually fighting anyone who disagrees with them rather than racism.

Who put the American family in the bull’s-eye? Read “Takedown, From Communists to Progressives How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage” to read the origins of the war.


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