WASHINGTON – This is what an invasion looks like.

Videos from Cadiz, Spain, show a boatload of migrants storming a scenic beach as locals and tourists look on in horror.

The group of men managed to evade law enforcement and quickly left the scene of the illegal landing.

The International Organization for Migration, or IOM, warned earlier this week that Spain is quickly becoming the premier destination for refugee boats and may soon surpass Greece.

Some 8,200 migrants have come to Spain in the last year by sea, more than triple the number from the same time last year, Joe Millman, a senior IOM official told the London Daily Mail.

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While some migrants attempt to invade Europe by sea, others attempt to storm over borders and security checkpoints.

About 700 migrants were repelled by Moroccan and Spanish border guards this week as they attempted to scale a border fence in Ceuta, Spain.

Many of these attacks on border checkpoints have resulted in violence, such as a case in January in which a police officer lost an eye.

While pro-migration politicians and their media mouthpieces often depict migrants as refugees fleeing war, it’s clearly no longer the case.

Even the European Union is admitting as much now, with E.U. official Frans Timmermans claiming that six in 10 migrants arriving in Europe have no right to asylum and are rather “economic migrants.”

While the influx of migrants was initially justified on the basis of the Syrian War, migrants are overwhelmingly non-Syrian. Even as far back as 2015, E.U. figures showed that only one in five migrants applying for asylum were from Syria.

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The European populace is catching on to the danger of mass migration, and they overwhelmingly reject the current rate of migration.

According to a Pew study, 94 percent of Greeks, 88 percent of Swedes, 70 percent of Brits and 67 percent of Germans report they are unhappy with the E.U.’s mass refugee admissions.

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