The bitter end of Dem: Why left shows 0 signs of winning

By Gina Loudon

Democrats are choosing to be losers, perhaps in perpetuity.

Democrats are at their weakest in almost a century. Now that West Virginia Gov. “Big Jim” Justice flipped from Democrat to Republican, the GOP holds governorships in 34 states. In 26 of those, Republicans also hold a legislative majority. That sounds impressive, even before learning that Democrats can only claim total power in six states. The other 18 are split between the two parties.

On the federal level, we know Republicans hold the executive and legislative branch, although I could name a few GOP senators who shouldn’t be affiliated with the Republican Party. But, that is for another column.

In short, Democrats show zero signs of winning again, and it’s wearing on them mentally.

People handle losing in different ways.

When Republicans lost and gave Barack Obama huge majorities in the House and Senate, they calmly regrouped, rebuilt, organized this little thing called a tea party, and they waited until the coming elections. They became a party with a leader and a message that represented the changes their base was demanding.

Democrats aren’t operating that way. They have become the quintessential sore losers.

They are so bad at losing that they would rather seek revenge on the winner than recoil and win the next time. As Eric Trump put it, they would rather see his father fail than see America win – that’s the tell-tale mantra of a loser that won’t quit losing any time soon.

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But they have lost a lot:

  • They’ve lost more than 1,000 state and local seats during the tenure of Obama.
  • There are 26 states under full Republican control to their six.
  • They have lost all five special elections since the president was elected, including the most expensive one in history, where they spent more than $30 million they could have spent in 2018 or 2020. Throwing money in desperation is classic loser behavior.
  • There’s only one vulnerable Republican Senate seat in 2018, while Democrats are defending nine seats in red states. Republicans will keep the majority and could even win a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.
  • Democrats have had their worst few months of fundraising in 14 years. Traditionally, the party out of power rakes in the cash. This year, the GOP continues to take in record donations.
  • Additionally, the party of “the little guy” is getting big checks from big donors, but not many of them. Republicans have a record number of small donors, suggesting real grassroots support for this president, and the GOP platform.

But losing happens, and all that really matters is that parties handle it well.

The surest sign that Democrats have not integrated their massive losses into their psyche is their immature name calling. Democrats look like petulant children on the playground when they call the president names like “Hitler” and call Republicans “Nazis” and “fascists,” especially when you consider that each of those groups were of the left, not aligned with the right.

Democrats are such sore losers that they do the equivalent of turning over the table and watching the game pieces scatter when they’re losing.

They are intent on making sure the American economy loses under President Trump. There isn’t one pro-American piece of legislation that will get a single Democrat vote because the worst nightmare for a Democrat is that Americans will get good jobs and prosper. They don’t get their votes from the middle class or the successful. They get their votes by creating a victim mentality and creating dependent, divided tribal groups they can manipulate.

Democrats are no longer about democracy at all.

I spoke to Deputy Assistant to the President Dr. Sebastian Gorka, this week about what Democrats stand for these days:

[jwplayer YZLu2LOr]

Democrats lost a democratic election, but since they don’t like the results, they’re using their cronies they have placed in bureaucracies and in our intelligence agencies to undermine our president at every turn.

Democrats are so obsessed with their loss that they don’t care that leakers are currently risking our national security and releasing information that puts Americans in danger. Even though it’s bad for America, it’s good for them!

Democrats are so lost in their loser mire that they are undermining our democracy because they didn’t like how the people voted. Democrats hate democracy! What irony!

And for you Democrats who are unfamiliar with what that really means: When people in positions of power subvert the will of the voters, that is called a coup. It is the definition of undemocratic.

Remember the good ole days when we thought President Obama was trying to destroy America as we knew it? That seems like nothing compared to the Democrat-led coup happening now. At least Obama was elected!

What is hope if you’re a Dem?

  • For a Democrat, hope is that Robert Mueller can twist the law enough that our duly elected president can be overthrown.
  • Hope is that the American economy will flounder and Democrats can block any sort of tax relief for Americans so suffering voters will abandon the GOP.
  • Hope is that America’s allies will turn their backs on us out of fear that any cooperation with the U.S. will be leaked to the press.
  • Hope for a Democrat is that the media will collude with the Democrats in D.C. to convince voters that they made a bad choice last November.

Congratulations, Democrats! You have placed yourself is such a terrible position that anything that is good for America is bad for you as a party!

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