U.S. warned of EMP attack that could kill tens of millions

WND-20-YearsAug, 4, 2014: The threat of an electromagnetic pulse event or attack on the United States that could kill tens of millions of people prompted George Noory, host of “Coast to Coast AM,” the most-listened-to overnight radio program in North America, to launch a campaign to prepare a defense.

“I implore all individual states, the president and members of Congress to immediately develop a plan to protect our power grid,” said Noory. “The preservation of our great nation and the lives of its people are critical.”

WND has reported extensively on the issue and was a partner in the campaign.

“I want to thank WND and Joseph Farah for joining this effort, which is imperative to our future,” Noory said.

The goal is to protect and insulate the U.S. power grid against an EMP event or attack from a solar flare, nuclear weapon or ballistic missile, all of which could endanger the lives of millions of Americans, according to Noory.

According to F. Michael Maloof, whose book, “A Nation Forsaken,” addresses the EMP threat, the United States could be turned into a virtual 19th-century agrarian society.

The problem is that an EMP would take out virtually all electronics. The controls that enable gas to be pumped into a vehicle, systems that control underground pipelines, the computers controlling financial systems, the electronics in vehicles, communications, emergency services, law enforcement and much more could all be rendered useless.

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‘Gay’ activist cop threatens Christians

Sgt. Stephen Allen, right, kisses another officer to mock Christians (Florida Family Policy Council)

Sgt. Stephen Allen, right, kisses another officer to mock Christians (Florida Family Policy Council)

Aug, 4, 2006: Pro-marriage activists collecting signatures on a petition at a Promise Keepers rally found themselves the target of a bullying police sergeant determined to stop their First Amendment activities.

“I have never in my life seen such unprofessional and bizarre behavior from a law enforcement officer,” said John Stemberger, the president and general counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council.

His group had rented a display table at a June Promise Keepers conference in the Fort Lauderdale area to publicize its effort to collect more than 611,000 signatures on petitions to call for a vote of Florida people. The goal was to protect traditional marriage – between one man and one woman – in the state constitution.

Sgt. Stephen Allen and other officers ordered them to stop accepting names and physically removed the petitions. Allen and another officer mocked the volunteers by kissing each other.

Even after Promise Keeper officials told the officers the petition gathering was authorized, Allen argued theology with the group, telling them he was the authority and “the Bible says that Christians should obey the authorities.”

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