By Fabiola Santiago

Under President Donald Trump’s immigration bill, today’s Miami wouldn’t exist. A vibrant metropolis heralded as a showcase for what refugees and immigrants from all over the Americas can achieve isn’t good enough for his idyllic USA (with an exclamation point).

In fact, the president’s idea of reform closes the door to people like his Cuban-American supporters, the ones who voted for Trump and proudly tout that they arrived penniless, not speaking much English, and through hard work and sacrifice, achieved the American Dream.

Likewise for Trump’s other Latino and Haitian supporters, fewer in numbers but just as adamant in their endorsement of a president whose white-supremacist, anti-immigrant agenda continues to be a slap in the face to multi-hued America and an affront to the founding values of this nation.

But what else can we expect from an administration that is separating American children from their parents, deporting young people who’ve lived in this country most of their lives, and launching a voter suppression initiative that clearly targets minorities?

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