Another day in Ba’al-ifornia

By Joseph Farah

I’ll never forget the day I stepped into the state Capitol in Sacramento for the first time.

I was stricken by a spiritual darkness I have encountered few other places in the world. I can only say I felt a palpable demonic presence. It could not have been more obvious if winged demons were flapping their leathery wings right in my face.

A lot of bad things happen in that place – and it’s getting worse all the time.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • SB 179: “Change Your Gender Bill” – This bill completely changes the meaning of the words “male” and “female,” from a physical description of anatomical reality, to a description of feelings and self-identification. It also officially creates a third gender, “non-binary,” for those who don’t want to identity exclusively as either sex. The bill make it easier to change the gender listed on their driver’s licenses or birth certificates to one of three options, by simply filling out a form.
  • SB 310: “Gender Changes for Inmates” – This bill will make it easier for inmates to change names and gender while in jail or prison. Currently, a gender change while in jail must be approved by correctional facility officials. This bill would leave the decision up to a disinterested judge. Opponents believe this will lead to more men changing their sex identity to female so they can be incarcerated with women.
  • SB 396: “Gender Identity Sensitivity Training” – Businesses with over 50 employees will be required to provide at least two hours of training and education regarding harassment based on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. The bill analysis states that the state Fair Employment and Housing Council issued new regulations in July of 2017 regarding discrimination based on gender identity: “These regulations address key topics such as the rights of employees to use restrooms, locker rooms, and other similar facilities corresponding to their gender identity; to dress in accord with their gender identity and expression; and to be addressed by their preferred name and gender pronoun.”
  • SB 219: “LGBT Rights in Long-term Care Facilities” – This bill will impose fines and jail time on any long-term care center worker whose patients identifying as transgender aren’t referred to by their preferred gender pronoun. (The gender pronoun list could contain as many as 50 options.) The bill also mandates that gender be determined by self-identification, not biology. There are no exemptions for religious institutions.
  • AB 569: “Prohibits Pro-Life Codes of Conduct” – This bill specifically outlaws employer codes of conduct that respect the rights of employees to oppose abortion, sex outside of marriage, or contraception, and exposes them to devastating and expensive lawsuits. This includes all churches, religiously affiliated schools, and pro-life nonprofits. There is a very narrow exemption for ministers.

I now realize it is impossible to explain California politics any other way than this – Ba’al worship.

It hit me as I was reading Jonathan Cahn’s new book, “The Paradigm.”

What is the paradigm? I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but, at its simplest, it’s that Ba’al worship is at the root of all this insanity you see taking place in California and the way a former Judeo-Christian culture is being corrupted, toppled and replaced by old-fashioned paganism.

Cahn patiently and methodically makes the case, including how the patterns even manifest themselves in people – notably leaders.

See if you can guess who the modern Ahab and Jezebel are.

But the thing that really never struck me before about Ba’al worship was its near total focus on challenging the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with abominations all too familiar to 21st century America:

  • child sacrifice;
  • an assault on gender roles;
  • war on marriage.

Sound familiar?

Check it out. Jonathan Cahn has done his homework again.

It offers a God’s-eye view of what our world must look like from His vantage point – people making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

I love this book! It’s like “The Harbinger” meets WND.

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