Look around the world. Wars have turned the Middle East and North Africa into perpetual conflict zones.

Refugees from those regions are now flooding into Europe, threatening the peace and security of that continent.

Venezuela, home of the world’s largest oil reserves, has devolved into chaos.

From North Korea, Kim Jong Un now threatens the planet with nuclear weapons.

The world has become an unstable place, and the force that has traditionally held it together is itself growing more and more unsteady, according to author and historian Charles Sasser.

“For at least two centuries, the world, the whole globe has depended upon the United States and Western civilization to stabilize the world,” Sasser said during a recent appearance on Caravan to Midnight. “We’ve been a stabilizing influence throughout the world…. If we’re destabilized, there’s nothing to keep the world stabilized.

“We’re living in probably the most interesting times in our history, but also the most precarious times in global history with all the nuclear threats and so forth. And there’s nothing to stabilize the world anymore with our destabilization.”

America’s destabilization has taken many different forms.

For one thing, the left has undertaken to “fundamentally transform” America, in former President Obama’s words, into a more socialistic nation. Such a transformation would endanger the country’s very existence, as Sasser explains in his brand new book “Crushing the Collective: The Last Chance to Keep America Free and Self-Governing.”

Sasser perceives that the left also is trying to oust President Trump from office; if they manage to do that, he believes it will then be much easier for them to fundamentally transform the country into a collectivist state.

As a historian, Sasser knows socialism has already been tried in America. The original English settlers at Jamestown, Virginia, tried to set up a collectivist society when they arrived in 1607. The results were not pretty.

“In Jamestown, first two years they lost 80 percent of their people [who] died of starvation and so forth,” Sasser revealed. “They were actually resorting to cannibalism.”

After two years the leaders decided to give each colonist his own plot of land, and the colony thrived thereafter, with each of the colonists able to grow enough to eat.

The Pilgrims who settled at Plymouth in 1620 did the same thing, according to Sasser. After two years of collective ownership of the land, they realized they could become much more prosperous by letting each settler farm his own plot of land.

“Now we’re trying to reinstitute something that didn’t work in its very simple stages!” Sasser exclaimed.

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It’s not only ideology that is destabilizing the U.S., but outward pressures as well.

Sasser pointed out the Roman Empire collapsed partly due to “barbarians at the gates.” He said America today is faced with its own barbarians at the gates – radical Islamic terrorists who wish to infiltrate the country in order to harm Americans.

When Sasser was in the military in 1991, he witnessed Muslim “no-go zones” firsthand while serving in Germany. He would always tell his men to take an extra truck when they had to enter a no-go zone.

“Those were no-go zones then,” he emphasized. “Now imagine what’s happened since then. I mean, [1991] was a long time ago. Now they’ve got no-go zones everywhere, and it’s going to happen in America. It’s going to happen in America if we pursue the same old policies we’ve been pursuing on immigration.”

In Sasser’s view, political correctness is helping to destabilize the country, and nowhere is that more evident than in the military. When Sasser was deployed in Operation Desert Storm, he was startled to find 21 women in his 120-person company. Previously in his military career, he had never worked with women except in support positions.

“Now I don’t care what you say; that’s complete insanity to put women in close combat support outfits,” he declared. “It’s complete insanity. Within six months, half of my women are pregnant. Right in the middle of the war, one of my soldiers is having a miscarriage. My men are fighting over the women; women are fighting over the men. What do you expect when you put young men and women together in kind of austere circumstances?”

Sasser said most women don’t have the upper body strength or aggression to perform at the level of male soldiers.

“So we’re destroying our military with political correctness,” he asserted. “Now we’re putting transgenders in…. The military is to win wars, to kill people and break things, and you need men for that. You need real men.”

Sasser suggested one of the ways Americans can beat back the destabilization wrought by socialism is through columnist William S. Lind’s idea of “Retroculture.”

“He says what we have to do is we have to retake the old principles that we once lived by, that we once more have to retake Christianity, that we once more must get involved in marriages that work, and we must reject all this and go back to Retroculture,” Sasser said.

Most of all, Sasser urges Americans to never give up the fight to retake their culture.

“There’s a core of us out there that will speak out, and we need to continue to speak out with clarity and with boldness, not timidity – boldness,” he proclaimed. “Speak out openly, bold, because once we start being timid, kinda huddling in the corner, guess what? Next thing you know we’ll be petting teddy bears and drooling at the lips. We’ve got to speak out boldly.”

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