The nation is all a atwitter over this apparent Trump-Schumer-Pelosi triumvirate.

I was personally disappointed that Trump even met with the two dirt dealers. Nothing productive could come of it. And herein lies the problem: We don’t know what was said or agreed upon, yet everyone has an opinion – but based on what?

I suppose, we could base opinion on conjecture or “ifs,” as it were. If Trump did this, then we’re happy – if Trump did that, then we’re mad, etc.

After their dinner meeting with the president, both Schumer and Pelosi claimed that Trump had agreed to make a deal regarding the Dreamers, while excluding the border wall. Everyone took this as gospel, despite coming from the two biggest liars on Capitol Hill. My guess is that Chuckie figured he could paint Trump into a corner.

“We had a very productive meeting at the White House with the president,” Schumer and Pelosi said in a joint statement. “The discussion focused on DACA. We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides.”

Yet a short time later, Fox News reported, “President Trump on Thursday denied reports that he struck a ‘deal’ overnight with top Democrats to protect so-called ‘Dreamers,’ while insisting ‘massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent.'”

Trump later added, “They must have an understanding in some legislation to fund the wall, otherwise we’re not doing anything.” Both seem pretty clear, depending on whom you trust. And that’s the problem. Whom do you trust? It’s easy to just say, of course I trust Trump. But based on what? Schumer’s record of scum-bagory vs. Trump’s lack of record?

I do know one think for certain. Although still conjecture, this is a critical and pivotal issue for a lot of Trump voters – like me – those with one foot on and one off the Trump bandwagon. I voted for him based on his tough immigration stance. If the 800,000 Dreamers are allowed to remain and given some sort of “legal” status without a secure border wall, there is no way that number doesn’t grow exponentially. If you think it will end there, you’re beyond naive. Legal status will always lead to amnesty, which will lead to citizenship.

Ann Coulter knows this to be fact. She writes, “In 2005 – nearly 20 years after the 1986 amnesty – the 9th Circuit was still granting amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who claimed they had been unfairly denied because they were not in the country for the first amnesty. Seriously. No matter how the law is written, as long as anyone is eligible for amnesty, everybody’s getting amnesty.”

In politics, many on our side believe there is no one more evil and underhanded than Chuck Schumer. This man, in my opinion, has no soul and should never be trusted. Regardless of his and Trump’s supposed friendship, he wants to bury the president – and he’ll say and do whatever he must to achieve that end.

It was said that blues guitarist Robert Johnson went down to a Mississippi crossroad, to make a deal with the devil. He agreed to sell his soul in exchange for guitar playing, singing and songwriting prowess. In other words, he just wanted to win.

Sound familiar? To many it appears this is what Trump is doing. He is so desperate for a win – any win – he doesn’t care who he has to cozy up to, or what he must give away to get the win.

Let us hope we can trust Trump – that he left that crossroad without selling his soul, or ours.

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