(Hotair) It was big news three years ago when Castro more than doubled the monthly wage for doctors with two specialties, from … $26 to $67. Alas, nurses didn’t do quite as well percentage-wise. They went from $13 per month to $25. Imagine knowing you have an expertise in a profession that would let you live comfortably, if not lavishly, even in the richest country in the world and receiving a monthly wage whose equivalent value could be paid in literal peanuts without too much logistical trouble.

But that’s the thing. How many Cuban doctors know how badly they’re being shafted for their services? This fascinating NYT story zeroes in on doctors who have been dispatched to other countries, like Brazil, to work and been amazed at the freedom and comparative luxury other doctors enjoy there. That’s a risky proposition for Castro, as showing his medical industry how much higher their standard of living would be in a free country naturally means many won’t want to come back.

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