If I didn’t know any better, I would think this whole international, political brouhaha of name-calling and threats between North Korea and the United States was just some kind of political joke.

On one level – as stupid as it is – it is a joke. But realistically, it isn’t a joke because the leader of North Korea is dead serious about his threats, and he has targeted the United States of America.

That’s us. Our country. We are being threatened with a nuclear holocaust at the hands of a pint-sized, unstable leader of a country that is, in itself, a massive concentration camp for its own people.

Kim Jong Un has unleashed a series of more direct threats and insults against our country and against President Donald Trump. While it had been ongoing, it took on a more direct threat after Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

In that speech, Trump said clearly that if there were a direct threat and attack on the United States, we would retaliate by the destruction of the country of North Korea.

Our liberal media jumped on Trump after his speech, calling him out for such a threat against a sovereign nation – ignoring the fact that Kim Jong Un had already said that he would see the United States swimming in a sea of blood.

Gee, I don’t know. That sounds like a dire threat to me.

Regardless, our leftist media ignored that. They only focused on the fact that Trump said if we were attacked, we would retaliate lethally against North Korea.

A perfect example was the hissy editorial in the East Bay Times in the San Francisco area: “Really? President Trump’s plan is to wipe out North Korea?”

At least, the editorial did acknowledge that just prior to that statement, Trump said we have strength and patience but “if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

The editors went on to hammer Trump for not suggesting non-lethal reactions – all they were interested in was that “he was talking about launching an attack designed to wipe out 25 million people.”

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t seem to bother the editors that North Korea was threatening the United States with a lethal nuclear hit on our mainland.

Are they masochists?

No, they’re liberal fools. Thank God they don’t totally run the country, although they want to.

If truth be known, after hearing Trump’s speech at the U.N., I was relieved. It was a pleasure to hear an American president finally declaring that he/we have a position to protect our people and our country and, if push came to shove, we would do what needed to be done as an offensive/defensive measure.

The latest is that North Korea may well be on the verge of testing a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific. Where, how or when is still unclear, but according to North Korea Foreign Minster Ri Yong Ho, as reported on South Korean TV, it would be the most powerful detonation of an H-bomb in the Pacific, and it would be ordered by their leader, Kim Jong Un.

We can snicker and laugh at Kim – the clothes, haircut and attitude – but he is not stupid and, because he rules his country with an iron hand, he is very dangerous.

He has already lobbed missiles over Japan and into the ocean. This real threat to Japan has caused great consternation because it involves not only the danger to the population but danger as well to aircraft and shipping, to say nothing of the fallout from a new, hot – really hot – war.

President Trump’s speech elicited a bombardment of insults from the North Korean leader – described as an increase in the “war of words.” But it’s much more than that. Those words carried more serious threats, as North Korea’s foreign minister said, “Rockets on the mainland (of the United States) are inevitable.”

North Korea has been hit with a spate of severe sanctions that would affect its economy and whatever trade and banking it conducts.

While there haven’t been specific reactions to them, Kim has said that he believes he’s made the right choices, he will continue with his plans and he’s not afraid.

He said, “He would tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire.”

Sounds to me that he wants to take down the American president whom he regards as a senile old person, and he’ll do it with fire.

Sounds like a bomb to me. I’ll tell you, I like the fact that President Trump acknowledges it and that he sounds ready to defend us properly, using our military the way it is intended.

I’m not sure Kim realizes that Donald Trump does not fear him and that the American people don’t plan to be sitting ducks.

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