“Safe spaces.” “Speech codes.” “Consciousness raising.”

These are the slogans and catchphrases of the modern politically correct campus. For most Americans, they are simply expressions of political correctness run wild or of overly sensitive students being coddled. And while such developments might seem silly or stupid, most people certainly don’t regard them as dangerous.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

In the September issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, Dr. Paul Kengor, political science professor and bestselling author of several influential books detailing progressives’ adverse influence on America, reveals for the first time the terrifying truth behind the ever-expanding “Safe Spaces” phenomenon.

Kengor’s books include “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century,” “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism” and “Takedown: From Communists To Progressives, How The Left Has Sabotaged Family And Marriage.”

The mysterious “safe spaces” phenomenon, as Kengor reveals for the first time in Whistleblower, far from being something to protect students or help in the fight for equality, derives from a tactic originally conceived as part of a deliberate and intricately detailed plot to destroy the American family.

The Whistleblower issue is titled “THE REVOLUTION: Why Marxism in America, though ubiquitous and destructive, goes largely unrecognized.”


Those behind this bizarre “new” phenomenon, Kengor shows in “The Marxist roots of the ‘safe spaces’ movement,” have drawn their influence from thinkers from the farthest reaches of the political Left, including:

  • Michel Foucault, an important theorist of the New Left, author of “A History of Sexuality” – and also a drug-obsessed homosexual and member of the French Communist Party;
  • Bell Hooks, a cultural Marxist, who worked to promote the idea of “education for critical consciousness,” which transforms the purpose of education from the transmission of knowledge and tradition, to turning students into agents of “deconstruction”;
  • Shulamith Firestone, a particularly radical Marxist feminist who declared that all women are part of the oppressed class because of the inequality inherent in the burden of childbearing. The purpose of feminism, she declared, was the “end of male privilege” and even of sexual distinctions. Thus, reproduction would be entirely separate from sex and dependent on artificial insemination taking place outside the body in an artificial womb.

Yes, it’s that crazy.

Such radical ideas and thinkers, ludicrous as they may seem to most Americans today, remain widely taught in “Women’s Studies” courses throughout the United States. And of course, trying to implement such ideas presupposes the absolute destruction of all existing cultural, historical and national identities. For example, Anne Koedt, one of Firestone’s comrades in the radical feminist “Redstockings” organization, dismissed the American Revolution as “a white male bourgeois” revolution.

Needless to say, most people, even traditional liberals, find such ideas bizarre and unnatural – hence the need for far-Left professors to indoctrinate these notions into their students. This is where the practice of “consciousness raising” comes in. It “refers to an effort by an oppressed group to raise public awareness of its plight, its misery, its oppression, and also to flag those responsible for the plight, misery and oppression.” As Kengor documents in Whistleblower, not only does this effort identify an “oppressor” enemy deemed responsible for the victim group’s subjugation, it also entails educating members of the victim class themselves about how oppressed they really are. If “victims” dismiss their own oppression, they are held to be deluded – or even traitors.

Another nugget from Kengor’s in-depth 7,000-word Whistleblower report: The “Safe Space” logo was originally derived from the radical 1980s homosexual group “ACT UP!” The group was founded by AIDS activist Larry Kramer, who blamed President Ronald Reagan for the prevalence of AIDS within the homosexual community, accusing him of being the moral equivalent of Adolf Hitler. The group also infamously disrupted a mass in St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Dec. 10, 1989, a protest that featured a pornographically altered nude portrait of Jesus Christ, throwing condoms throughout the church and desecrating a consecrated Communion wafer.

The group’s upside-down triangle logo was later adopted by the so-called Human Rights Campaign LGBT group. With the addition of a rainbow, it is now the symbol for its “Safe Spaces” campaign – one more example of how the Left never disowns even its most extreme activists.

Homosexuals, bisexuals and the many newly created sexual identities (including 31 gender identities now recognized among New York City public employees) serve as a new “victim class” for the creators and promoters of “safe spaces.” Cultural Marxism depends on the never-ending creation of new “victims” where there are not enough genuinely “oppressed” people to justify carrying out programs of cultural revolution and political repression against opponents.

The creation of such new “victim” categories also requires the creation of new “oppressor” classes. In the cultural Marxist mindset, this incudes conservatives, Christians and above all, the hated white male, who assumes the place the “kulak” once did during the purges of Josef Stalin.

“Safe spaces,” as Kengor shows, have nothing to do with “protecting” supposedly vulnerable people. Instead, they are symbols of a campaign to “mercilessly steamroll,” as he puts it, any Christian organizations who hold to a biblical definition of marriage and family. “The [Human Rights Campaign] has vilified everything from pro-family and pro-life groups to even the likes of Chick-fil-A, and has been militant in undermining the religious freedom of Christian business owners who claim conscientious objection as the state tries to coerce them,” writes Kengor. A “Safe Space,” Kengor reveals, is less about protecting homosexuals and more about declaring an area free of political enemies – especially Christians.

As Kengor painstakingly documents, feminist and homosexual activists involved in the movement openly declare their intention to foment “cultural revolution” by “destroying the American family.” The strategy is to “destroy the American patriarch” by “destroying monogamy” and deliberately “promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality.”

It seems absurd for progressives to so openly declare their goals, influences and tactics. And yet, as Kengor reports in this exclusive investigation, this is precisely what they have done.

Chillingly, Kengor unearths comments from activists themselves showing how they have deliberately infiltrated American institutions – including the judiciary, the legislatures, the media and the educational system – with the aim of deconstructing and destroying them from the inside.

Such cultural warfare via deception, Kengor shows, has terrifying consequences. Many well-meaning people who put a “Safe Space” sticker on their office door or car bumper have no idea of the radical agenda they are supporting. Christians who show support for the campaign may not even know they themselves are the targets. But because the Left has been so successful at concealing its true motivations and origins, the “Safe Space” campaign serves as an effective Trojan horse for a campaign of hatred against Christian America.

Until now. Paul Kengor’s investigation is the first journalistic, detailed, comprehensive examination of what lies behind this incredibly powerful movement. No American, and especially no Christian or conservative, can afford to ignore what Kengor has uncovered. And it is available now, exclusively, in the September issue of Whistleblower.

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