By George Escobar, vice president WND Films

Let’s talk candidly about a different kind of teen movie, “Because Of Grácia,” which is poised to make its theatrical debut, at these theaters, Friday.

Is it a pro-life movie? Yes.

Is it a teen romance story? Yes.

Does it deal with drugs, drinking and sex? Yes.

Is it still a faith-friendly movie suitable for the entire family? Absolutely yes! It’s especially ideal for a teen audience.

“Because Of Grácia” is an entertaining, yet provocative movie that should elicit meaningful dialogue between parents and their children.

There is no getting around the issues faced by the main characters of Grácia. They involve teenage relationships (both emotional and physical), the critical issues of abortion, underage drinking, the debate over evolution and whether true “freedom of speech” exists in classrooms and the public square.

Starting with the new girl in school, Grácia, played with freshness and likability by Moriah Peters of “American Idol” fame, her instant popularity threatens the clique of already popular girls on campus. Something is different about Grácia – and these girls are going to discover it and use it against Grácia, somehow.

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Next we learn about Chase, a Christian afraid to reveal his faith to his classmates, even as he falls for Grácia, who seems to be the girl of his dreams. He hopes that she is a Christian and is shocked into action when he fully discovers Grácia’s faith journey.

Bobbi is the most troubled teen in this story. She is a pastor’s daughter. She gets into a compromising relationship with a non-Christian that escalates into the crisis of abortion. Only Grácia’s friendship is able to bring about healing for Bobbi.

There is more, much more, especially in the classroom. This is where a debate teacher is unmasked when he begins to impose his worldview after Grácia challenges his contention that evolution is not a theory, but is indeed a scientific fact.


How the movie handles this collection of tough issues is what makes “Because of Grácia” a truly remarkable movie. Adhering to its Spanish namesake, “Grácia,” the movie itself handles all of these issues with true “Grace” and respect for its audience. It doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator of low-brow humor or cheap guffaws so typical of Hollywood’s take on teen life and their angst.

Instead, “Because of Grácia” deals with teenage growth pains with surprising maturity despite the obvious immaturity of teens. Teenagers mess up. Sometimes big time. This movie doesn’t hide any of that, but it also doesn’t celebrate them.

We all know and often give allowance for the fact that teens are making their way toward maturity and adulthood. This movie helps to show teens how to safely navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of their journey. More significantly, this movie shows how teens can find their faith, all because of grácia (grace)!

The trailer:

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