(NEWSBUSTERS) — Perhaps it was an apology for giving Hillary Clinton a tough interview last week, but NPR decided to make it up to her this week, with a long-winded gushy, self-flagellating interview by Fresh Air host Terry Gross, that let Clinton lay all the blame for losing the election on every one of her dozens of excuses, including the media.

After mutually commiserating about misogyny and sexism and the “legitimacy” of the election, Gross attempted to be a critic, and asked Clinton common sense questions about things she could’ve done differently. Clinton provided bizarre excuses for as to why she’s not responsible for anything that went wrong in her campaign, even remarking that there was nothing wrong with Bill Clinton meeting Attorney General Loretta Lynch for a private meeting.

Gross began the interview by apologizing to Clinton for their last interview together in 2014, where Gross pushed Clinton on her earlier stance against same-sex marriage. “My questions were a little unclear and unfocused,” Gross offered penitence. But, she added, “I think you were a little evasive.”

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