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More Hillary emails revealed, additional 'pay-to-play' evidence

Washington watchdog Judicial Watch on Thursday posted another 1,617 pages of documentation from the State Department, obtained as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, that details additional instances of “pay-to-play” involving the Clinton Foundation when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

There’s also evidence that Clinton’s use of unsecured email accounts for classified information, which is against the law and was criticized as “extremely careless” by then-FBI director James Comey, was adopted as a routine by others in her retinue.

She even used her email to “vent” about not being told that others in a diplomatic meeting would be wearing white shirts, because she felt out of place with her “green top.”

Judicial Watch reported the documentation reveals many instances in which classified information was transmitted through the unsecure private account of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the time, “as well as many instances of Hillary Clinton donors receiving special favors from the State Department.”

“The documents included 97 email exchanges with Clinton not previously turned over to the State Department, bringing the known total to date to at least 627 emails that were not part of the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over, and further contradicting a statement by Clinton that, ‘as far as she knew,’ all of her government emails had been turned over to department,” Judicial Watch said.

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The favors were numerous and significant, the documents reveal:

Clinton erupted over the wardrobe issue in a Feb. 10, 2012, email to Abedin with the subject line “I’m venting”:

So, here I sit in the meeting surrounded by ever (sic) other person dressed in a white shirt provided by the Mexicans. Patricia is not wearing the exact style that all others are but her own white shirt. But, since no one ever told me about this, and instead assumed I didn’t need to know, I had no idea about any of this until I just walked into the large meeting in front of the entire press corps and I’m wearing a green top. So, what’s my answer when asked why I think I’m different than all my colleagues and why I’m dissing our hosts? I am sick of people deciding what I should know rather than giving me the info so I can make a decision. This really annoys me and I told Monica [Hanley] I just didn’t understand.

There are multiple citations of classified email ending up on Abedin’s unsecured and private system.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the emails “show ‘what happened’ was that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin obviously violated laws about the handling of classified information and turned the State Department into a pay for play tool for the corrupt Clinton Foundation.”

“The clear and mounting evidence of pay for play and mishandling of classified information warrant a serious criminal investigation by an independent Trump Justice Department.”

Clinton now is on a book tour promoting her book “What Happened” about her massive election collapse in 2016, the second time she failed in a bid for the presidency.

In it, she blames misogyny, Barack Obama, James Comey, Joe Biden, women, voters and many others for her loss.

The email issue was a big scandal during the 2016 election, when Comey announced in July 2016 that the bureau would not refer the case to the Justice Department for prosecution, even though Clinton was found to have been “grossly negligent” in her handling of classified material.

The FBI insisted “malicious intent” was necessary to prosecute, but legal analysts have pointed out that the relevant statute doesn’t require intent. Further, it was disclosed earlier this month that Comey had prepared his statement exonerating Clinton two months before the announcement, before even interviewing her or her aides.

The evidence obtained by Judicial Watch notes the many additional instances of classified information that was mishandled:

Judicial Watch said the emails are the 20th production of documents under a court order from May 2015 in its lawsuit against the federal government. The watchdog group sued after the government refused to respond to a FOIA request asking for: “All emails of official State Department business received or sent by former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin from January 1, 2009 through February 1, 2013 using a non-‘state.gov’ email address.”

The documents also show that Clinton’s retinue would even exchange logins and passwords to secure State Department facilities through email, and one of Clinton’s staffers even “left classified material behind in a Moscow hotel room.”

WND reported this week that a judge has ordered the Maryland state bar to investigate claims that evidence was destroyed when the FBI refused to release files related to Clinton’s famous 33,000 deleted emails.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. said Monday the complaints against Clinton attorneys David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson were egregious and the state bar couldn’t dismiss them as frivolous.

The complaint was brought by New York state lawyer Ty Clevenger, who continues to press the FBI to release details of its investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified information through a private email server.

Clinton and her associates were allowed to decide which of her 60,000 emails to surrender to the State Department. About 33,000 being were withheld as “private.” The FBI, however, later found thousands of work-related emails that weren’t turned over to the government.

WND reported in August the batch of emails released then revealed Clinton’s own “Russia” connections. One email exchange revealed Abedin told Band she had “hooked up” people from the Russian American Foundation with “the right people” at the State Department.

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