Burgess Owen

Burgess Owen

Former NFL great Burgess Owens believes NFL players who protest the national anthem are sowing nothing but division and despair.

Speaking on “Fox and Friends,”the former Oakland Raider and New York Jet made it clear what he thinks of the athletes who continue to kneel during the national anthem. He said: “Let me tell you about our responsibility is, and every generation has done this throughout the history of our country, is to give our kids more hope than we had. My parents’ generation, my grandparents’ generation succeeded [in sowing hope]. That’s how they fought racism.”

“We have the greatest country and the most freedom today, and we have more people, particularly black Americans, who have less hope, and that’s because they have very successful men telling them that they can do it but that black Americans can’t do it,” he added.

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Continuing, Owens said: “It’s really time for us to stand up as men and say: ‘Listen guys, this country gives us everything we want and if I did it, you can do it too.’ And stop the whole thing … if you wanna have demonstrations, demonstrate someplace else, but not against our flag that gives us the freedom to be the greatest people in the history of mankind.”

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Owens is a self-described conservative and has denounced the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

“What’s happening here is actually a purposeful process to divide us,” Owens said. “Those who like to call everybody as racists, keep in mind, they’re the racists, and they will continue to divide us with their negative focus … We win this thing together. That’s what America is all about … Those are the same people who could care less about the black people killed in Chicago.”

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