On college campuses, “safe spaces” are not sanctuaries from hate, but shrines to intolerance. Violent pacifists claim to take the ethical high ground. Cop killers and angry looters see themselves as the new MLK, the conscience of society. From what cesspool does this cognitive dissonance spawn? According to psychiatrist extraordinaire William Glasser, being irresponsible and not getting your needs met make you go crazy.

In “Reality Therapy,” he explains it simply, “People are not irresponsible because they are mentally ill. They are mentally ill because they are irresponsible.” Who knew that hating your parents at age 40 while living in their basement, punching cops at protest rallies, smoking pot instead of going to work and not supporting your children actually cause mental illness? Dr. William Glasser, that’s who.

There are no moral underachievers. Because virtue must precede greatness, deep respect from others is earned over time, not demanded in a mob protest. Zig Ziglar put it beautifully: “You have to be before you can do. You have to do before you can have.” First comes inner peace, then comes world peace. In other words, Gandhi was moral before he led protests. Mother Teresa was a saint before she fed lepers in squalid gutters of Calcutta. Protesting alone does not make you moral any more than wearing a button in court, “I’m innocent,” obviates the need for a trial to determine your guilt. Snowflakes, are you listening? Protesting does not make you moral!

When are we immoral? The Bible calls it being double-minded, serving two masters. Others call it living a lie, actions and words not matching, or simply not having integrity. A few examples: a dictator who cares for the people, anti-American patriot, peace-loving jihadist, pro-abortion Catholic. These are real examples. They are no less absurd than pro-rape Baptist or pro-genocide Buddhist. Enter a dojo and introduce yourself as a seventh degree black belt novice. When the master smiles at you, he is not being kind. Novice is what you are. Black belt is a feeble attempt at demanding respect from others without earning it. Nowhere is double-mindedness respected except in the hearts and minds of sociopaths and narcissists.

Safe spaces are where crazy people go, walls padded with political correctness that sound-proof free speech from reaching your ears, a shrine with play-doh on the altar to occupy yourself with and soft music to clam the nerves, panic rooms for snowflakes shell-shocked by micro-aggressions on college campuses. Safe spaces have replaced the heroic American Revolution as a preferred redress for grievances. Looting, vandalism and “militant begging” for more government handouts have replaced night classes to improve skills, to become an entrepreneur, to increase earning potential. In other words, socialism has replaced free enterprise in the halls of academia and in the broken spirits of “learned helplessness,” of victims-for-life snowflakes.

Deep-thinking historian Oswald Spengler said it best, “Politics destroys the money world.” History repeats itself because character is not transferable. We can ride on the backs of our founding fathers, military heroes, spiritual leaders and economic visionaries only so far. At some point, citizens must make a choice. Do we want the safe spaces embedded inside our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Or do we want political correctness to take us under its protective wing of socialism and totalitarianism? If you’re inclined to take door No. 2, remember these words: Those who would take your freedom to keep you safe, will take your safety to keep their power. This is the fate of a people who demand respect without earning it, people who are flattered by a government that wants to be their shepherd and caretaker.

From my ebook, “The Joy of Fracking – A Haiku Guide to Loving Earth, Freedom and Fossil Fuels”:

“Tyranny is utopia for tyrants, a silk pillow on which the beneficiaries of coercive power rest their heads. Dictators and tyrants are billionaires, not because they create products people want to buy, but because they siphon off the fruits of people’s labor for personal gain. …

“If socialism worked, it wouldn’t need capitalism to finance it. Politicians are corrupt if their personal wealth grows by peddling favors to unions or corporations. This swindle culminates in favorable legislation which benefits political cronies, but not taxpayers. Collusion between government, corrupt unions and unethical corporate bosses is called crony capitalism – the opposite of free markets. …

“Without equal protection under the law, governments pillage taxpayers. Socialism is envy codified into law. Socialism, aristocratic class systems, monarchy, Shariah law, caste structures and discrimination within primitive tribes – all restrict upward mobility. When government decides, through subsidies, taxation and wealth redistribution, who will prosper and who must fail, that old plunder-to-get-wealth paradigm is revived.”

Which safe space will you be entering tonight?

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