There’s literal chaos over the issue with conflicting statements from the participants themselves, but by some reports President Donald Trump could be closing in on a deal with Democrats to shield DACA beneficiaries from deportation and give them a path to eventual citizenship.

And that leaves many conservatives wondering what happened to the president they thought they elected – the candidate who repeatedly and brashly declared he would build a wall along America’s southern border and make Mexico pay for it, but now appears poised to help Democrats legalize hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants without even asking for a border wall in return.

Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review, has been arguing against amnesty for years, dating back to the 2006 push for “immigration reform.” He does not remember a more dangerous time for proponents of immigration control.

“We are under the gun right now, under the biggest threat we’ve ever had, because Trump is now lending his name to a sense of urgency to block out our needs and to promote, if not executive amnesty, then legislative amnesty without any understanding of pre-conditions, what we need to get,” Horowitz said during an appearance this week on The Hagmann Report.

Horowitz, author of “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges From Transforming America,” thinks Trump’s rise revealed a leadership vacuum within the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Plenty of Americans were sick of the “cultural Marxism” that manifested itself most clearly during the Obama years, yet no conservative leaders were speaking out against it. So when Trump came along and voiced the deep-seated concerns no other politicians would address, people latched onto him because he sounded like the type of leader they wanted.

“I think this is unparalleled in history where you have an entire movement that cropped up around a person that never led the movement and is not about the movement,” Horowitz said.

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One of the central aspects of the Trump movement was the candidate’s promise to “drain the swamp” once he got to Washington, D.C. But to fight effectively against entrenched power, Horowitz noted, a person has to believe in the fight with all his heart and soul. He does not think Trump believes in the fight enough. Rather, the president has allowed others to blow him off course.

“This is a man that, ironically, is very weak,” Horowitz said of Trump. “I mean, people thought he was a strongman. Some people on the right were even concerned he’d be an authoritarian. I was never worried about that. I looked at what he would do – one day he would say, ‘I hate Obamacare’ but then praise nationalized health care. I mean, every day he says mutually exclusive things, and I think what really makes him tick is it’s all personal. I mean, you could be a communist, but if you assuage his ego he’ll like you. You could be a right-winger and if you assuage his ego he’ll like you and vice versa.”

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“It’s all personal with him. I think on some level he has some good instincts, but I don’t think they’re predominant enough that he believes in them in his heart and soul that he wakes up every day and says, ‘What could I do to advance the cause against the swamp?’ I just don’t think that that’s the case. I think it’s just chaotic.”

There has been much talk about how the “deep state” has prevented Trump from implementing his agenda, but Horowitz believes the “shallow state” is just as big of a problem. Trump surrounded himself with plenty of advisors and cabinet officials who were part of the establishment and who personally opposed the goals Trump campaigned on. He also hired some advisors who shared his stated campaign priorities, but most of those advisors are now gone, leaving the president surrounded by subordinates hostile to the agenda that got him elected.

“One of the things a lot of people told me is that, ‘Look, Donald Trump is not ideological, he’s certainly not really conservative, but he has some good instincts and he’s very loyal,'” Horowitz said. “Well, I haven’t seen that. When you have the Trump loyalists, every one to a person, thrown out of the National Security Council, who’s president? This is a man whose catchphrase was ‘You’re fired,’ and instead of him firing, he’s allowing his own appointees to fire his biggest loyalists trying to champion his agenda.

I hate to sound so grim, but if Steve Bannon, if a guy like that couldn’t last seven months in this administration, I’m not really sure what to do.”

The bottom line, according to Horowitz, is millions of desperate Americans put all of their hopes in Trump and have been let down thus far. And since the GOP leadership and the conservative movement have for so many years failed to deliver what their constituents truly want, Horowitz believes it’s time to establish a third party.

“It’s not a new ideology that we need, it’s a new vehicle and a new strategy to fulfill the timeless principles,” he declared. “It’s the movement we’ve had – the conservative movement has never been conservative. They’ve never been constitutionalists at a power structure level. That is the problem.”

Horowitz believes if the United States had a party that was “relentlessly consistent” in following the Constitution, it would attract legions of voters discouraged by both parties. He said such a party should be based on the principle of federalism – the federal government should have a few defined powers that deal mainly with external affairs, and state and local governments should deal with everything else.

He suggested the House Freedom Caucus should think about starting a Freedom Party.

“We need a fresh start,” Horowitz proclaimed. “I am convinced that every day we spend not trying to start a new party, or at least create the environment and the rationale and the forward thinking issue-by-issue of what that should look like is a wasted day.”

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