In 2006 I attended a multi-day gathering of the most powerful and influential conservative Republicans in the land. It culminated with a 25th-anniversary celebration black-tie event. I share these details to set the stage for my later remarks.

During the event, Tony Perkins and I had a conversation regarding godly stewardship and public schools. My position was that spending tens of millions of dollars in court battles, legal fees, ad nauseam was neither financially prudent nor godly stewardship.

I argued that as Christians, the summum bonum is to reach people for Christ and to manage well the resources God placed in our charge. I argued that we should advocate and then facilitate the coordination of resources to financially support private Christian schools. I contended that it was pointless to throw good money after bad in spending massive amounts of money in court battles regarding such issues as whether a grade-school child can give thanks for his food in the school cafeteria and to wage legal fights over whether children can wear a T-shirt to public school that says “Jesus Loves You.”

I argued that those sums of money could be used to bring children out of public schools and into a Christian education environment. I said that we could make it a nationwide effort and use it to evangelize. I spoke of how to implement the equitable funding of same and what it would mean for advancing the Kingdom of God on earth. As a coda to this point, I add that there were no paupers at this event. The attendees were in the top tax brackets. There was real money and real old money.

Suffice it to say, Tony did not agree with me. I, however, have not stopped making my point nor pushing for same in the years subsequent to that event. Now fast forward to today.

This morning I received a bulletin from a group highlighting a condemnable situation at Rocklin Gateway Academy, a charter school in the California public school system. At issue is the charter school’s kindergarten teacher, Kaelin Swaney, introducing books on homosexuality and transgenderism into her class curriculum. It was done without parental notification and without parental consent. Even more egregious is the fact that Swaney and the school board have refused to “disclose to parents what happened during the lesson.” (See: “School Gives Transgender Lesson To 5-Year-Olds, Refuses To Give Details To Parents”; Lianne Lawrence; LifeSiteNews; 8/24/2017)

There is no level of evil this teacher has not exceeded and no level of protocol the school board has not ignored. There is no justifiable reason these children should be violated in such a depraved and Erebusic manner. In a perfect world, Swaney would be ashamed to even whisper such debauchery and paganism amongst her friends much less say that she was “proud” of the way her students participated. These are 5-year-olds, for crying out loud.

And it doesn’t end there. In the same school, first-graders “risk a trip to the principal’s office if they refer to their transgender classmate by the wrong name or gender pronoun.” (See: “California First-Grader Sent To Principal’s Office For Misgendering Classmate”; Bradford Richardson; The Washington Times; 8/17/2017)

This brings me back to my discussion with Tony Perkins, referenced above. Groups are using these pornographic acts of sexual abuse of children to fundraise in an effort to combat this depravity. I argue they should be fundraising to extricate children from these bastions of Satanism.

God’s word admonishes Christians in 2 Corinthians 6:14 not to be “unequally yoked together with unbelievers” (KJV). That directive is not singularly referencing a marriage relationship. In the same verse is the question: “What fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness?” God’s word asks: “What concord hath Christ with Be’lial?” (2 Corinthians 6:18 KJV) God’s word directs us to: “Come out from among them, and be ye separate … to touch not the unclean thing” (2 Corinthians 6:17 KJV).

There’s no equivocating; there’s no ambiguity. What part of God’s word do people who claim to be Christians not understand? Christian children do not belong in the sewers of animalistic pagan debauchery and intellectual abuse masquerading as public academic institutions. The church of God has a mission field right in front of it, and the people thereof are wasting money, time and resources trying to conform Satan to Christ likeness.

It is time to stop wasting God’s money and talent in an arena that offers no return on investment. (ROI) The ROI comes from investing in Christ’s kingdom building. The public school system has become a taxpayer-funded brothel where teachers have sexual relations with students and children are inculcated with deviant sexual depravity. It is our duty as Christians to provide avenues of rescue for children and families from the zeitgeist of sexual perversion extolled in public schools.

Anything less is disobedience to God.

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