Nearly 4 in 10 Swiss citizens feel “threatened” by Islam, and there’s an imam there who, like other imams in the country, regularly implores in his sermons that Allah “destroy the enemies of Islam – Jews, Christians, Hindus, Russians, and Shiites.”

Yet in that European nation, officials are concerned about protecting minorities and battling “Islamophobia,” reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

“The crisis is real,” writes Bruce Bawer, author of “While Europe Slept” in a new report at Gatestone Institute.

He cites the conclusions of Saida Keller-Messahli, who has warned of the promotion of violence by imams and the unwillingness of authorities to confront the problem.

“At least one high-profile individual in Switzerland has long rejected the official line about successful Muslim integration and unfounded infidel Islam-hatred: Saïda Keller-Messahli. Of Tunisian descent, living in Zurich, she has spent years investigating institutional Islam in Switzerland and urging politicians to take action against it. Asked in a recent interview whether [imam] Abu Ramadan is an isolated case, Keller-Messahli said no: such preaching, she explained, is common in Swiss mosques, part of an international strategy to plant a ‘discriminatory’ and ‘violent’ Islam in Switzerland and elsewhere in the West.”

It was Ramadan, who originally sought asylum from Libya but over the years has returned there several times, who was found to be preaching that Muslims who befriend “infidels” are “cursed until the Day of Judgment,” the report explains.

“Ramadan has been living in Switzerland for almost two decades. In 1998, he came to the alpine country from Libya as an asylum seeker, but over the years has returned home several times – in addition to visiting Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries,” Bawer reported. “This fact should have automatically negated his right to asylum and resulted in his expulsion. But the years went by, and the government, ignoring the evidence right there on his passport, did nothing.

“On the contrary: over the years, in fact, the Swiss state had given Ramadan the equivalent of $620,000 in welfare payments,” he reported.

Bawer charged that Switzerland’s pollsters and government officials act as if the country is suffering from anti-Muslim bigotry.

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