By making a deal with the devil and siding with Chuck Schumer, President Trump may be lurching toward the dark side. And for what – an $8 billion disaster-relief package?

Eight billion dollars is a lot of money for the likes of us, but to the government it is nothing. They waste or misplace that amount in a week or two.

Heck, with a budget of around $4,000 billion ($4 trillion), the feds spend about $11 billion a day. We’re expected to believe that they can’t divert less than a day’s outlay to help out the truly needy – those who have lost everything in Texas and Louisiana, in some cases? Not to mention those who will surely lose everything if Irma tracks into Florida. We’re supposed to buy this load of crap?

Yet President Trump appears to have channeled Mitch McConnell. In March 2015, McConnell said during an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation”: “I made it very clear after the November election we’re certainly not going to shut down the government or default on the national debt.” Of course, way back in 2015, the debt ceiling was a paltry $17 trillion.

Trump effectively said the same by stating that the administration will always agree on raising the debt ceiling, “because of the importance.” If this isn’t bad enough – it appears to be getting worse.

The latest buzz on the Hill is that Trump (POTUS 1) is in league with Schumer (POTUS 2) to propose eliminating the debt ceiling for good.

I didn’t believe it when I first read the news – mainly because it was the Washington Post. But then I read on, and sure enough, they directly quoted President Trump.

“On Thursday, Trump was asked by a reporter at the White House about abolishing the congressional process for raising the debt ceiling. He replied that ‘there are lots of good reasons to do that,'” wrote the Post.

Really? Name one! He won’t be asked to.

He added that, “It could be discussed. For many years, people have been talking about getting rid of [the] debt ceiling altogether.”

This is stunning. The drain the swamp, send them all back, build the wall, cut taxes, pro-business president we elected is now proposing to green light profligate government spending.

And VPOTUS Pence also appears more than willing to jump into the big-spending deep end of the pool, as he is open to “making it easier to tie raising the debt ceiling with Congress passing a budget.” Either way it would be off-to-the-races for Congress to spend, spend, spend.

Again – for what? All because of the big lie created by the crooks in Washington, that the United States would actually default. This is the big lie – but a lie that has been repeated by so many “experts” over and over as to magically become fact. Maybe we should call it an alt-fact.

Amendment XIV, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution is clear regarding the requirement of the government to first and foremost pay debt obligations. It guarantees that whatever debt the United States government accrues, “shall not be questioned.” Nowhere does it state an obligation to pay for all the other crap.

If Congress were actually to follow the Constitution, it would be impossible for it to default. If the government shut down tomorrow for an extended period, there would still be plenty of cash rolling in to pay the debt. Any money left would be apportioned how the Congress and the president saw fit.

It’s all up to them to prioritize. This is the genesis of the big lie. Because they haven’t the courage to say no – ever – they created the shut down/default myth, making it unnecessary to do so. As long as they can continue to fool the people, all will be well.

I wrote on Thursday that I was developing shin splints from jumping on and off the Trump bandwagon. If he continues down the Schumer/Pelosi path he appears to have chosen, I’ll be jumping off for good.

Fool me once …

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