President Trump, while still a candidate, promised that he would get a better deal for America. Or, in fact, better deals.

Since he’s taken office, he’s talked about cutting funding for the United Nations, renegotiating the NAFTA trade deal. He already pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord.

All of which have taken extensive discussion and defending.

On Friday, he decided to get a better deal for the U.S. with a simple move: he simply canceled an entire federal program begun by President Obama.

It was the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations and its related “agency-level” forums that were in the bull’s-eye.

“The United States Government should spend tax dollars responsibly, efficiently, and in the public interest. The National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations (Council) and related agency-level labor-management forums have consumed considerable managerial time and taxpayer resources, but they have not fulfilled their goal of promoting collaboration in the federal workforce. Public expenditures on the council and related forums have produced few benefits to the public, and they should, therefore, be discontinued,” Trump wrote in his executive order.

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert write in “The Trump Prophecies” about the miracle of the 2016 election, and what the Body of Christ should do – now – for the nation.

The savings weren’t immediately available, because the details of the council and its budget were not available after hours on Friday.

The original order creating the government functions explained that the Office of Personnel Management must “subject to the availability of appropriations,” provide facilities, support and administrative services.

The members, mostly executives for labor unions such as the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, AFL-CIO, National Treasury Employees Union, National Federation of Federal Employees, were not to be paid, but were to get “per diem.”

But the group apparently was intended to work as a go-between between the federal employees, their union, and the federal employment managers.

The group just recently had written to the Trump administration outlining what it wanted from the new president and his team.

The “endeavors” that needed to be “sustain[ed]” were:

“Pre-Decisional Involvement (PDI) – Recognizing that the executive order supported ‘pre-decisional involvement’ as a useful way to obtain employee input through their labor representatives on many agency matters, the incoming administration should ensure that PDI is used to promote the effective implementation of changes and improvements for the American public.”

And “Data-Driven Performance – The council provided useful guidance to assist agency labor-management forums in establishing measurable goals and assessing progress. Maintain a focus on results should continue with an emphasis on managing costs and achieving strategic agency objectives.”

Trump simply revoked the order establishing the setup, and told federal officials to “promptly move to rescind any orders, rules, regulations, guidelines, programs, or policies implementing or enforcing Executive Order 13522.”

The council’s website is filled with the language of the bureaucrats.

Under a What’s New headline, were subheads: “Transition Report Recommendations of the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations,” “Pre-decisional Involvement Outcomes Interactive Module,” “Pre-decisional Involvement Checklists,” “Pre-decisional Involvement Frequently Asked Questions,” and more.

The council explained its own goals as “supporting the creation of department- or agency-level labor-management forums and promoting partnership efforts between labor and management, developing metrics for evaluation of the effectiveness of the council and department or agency labor-management forums in order to promote consistent, appropriate, and administratively efficient measurement and evaluation processes across departments and agencies” and “collecting and disseminiating information about, and providing guidance on, labor-management relations improvements efforts including results achieved.”

Its initiatives included “Telework,” involving on “mobile work days,” “GEAR,” which was Goals Engagement Accountability Results,” and its own “Reporting Tool.”

Revealingly, the website stated on Friday, “There are no upcoming meetings at this time.”

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert write in “The Trump Prophecies” about the miracle of the 2016 election, and what the Body of Christ should do – now – for the nation.


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