I can take any truth; just don’t lie to me.

– Barbra Streisand

Really, Barb? Can you really take the truth? If so, then why have you spent so much of your life lying to yourself? You used the income from your musical talent, a God-given ability, to isolate yourself from the world around you. You could afford to make life look like anything you wanted it to. In short, you lied to yourself about what life was really like for so many of those who bought your music. They gave you the financial means to live a life different from their own.

I’m willing to be charitable; let’s say that leftists have always wanted to make life better for those around them. Problem is, history demonstrates at every implementation that it just never turns out that way. Leftist policies, always implemented with the crushing power of the state to enforce compliance, only end up making life better for the politburo that surrounds and isolates the implementers from those they say they care so much about.

That’s the nature of lies. Our first victim is always ourselves. Stalin, Hitler, Mao – all wanted to make life better for the little people around them. All of them ended up murdering millions of those little people while implementing policies to make life better. The steps are straightforward: lie to gain power, implement the promised policies, criminalize dissent, use the intelligence agencies to generate a police state and open the gulags for business. Life gets better, but only for the privileged few. The ones you first sought to help have now become your victims.

Fake news is lying. The reporters and editors generating it may not even recognize that. Why? Because they have spent so much time lying to themselves, they believe their lies are true. In their minds the policies implemented over the past eight years, built on the previous 60 years, were almost ready to start working! We have to try just a little harder! Do more for the cause. Change the outcome of the election. Do whatever it takes. Use the intelligence agencies against the opposition. Buy off the world’s madmen with “peaceful” nuclear programs, so they won’t build bombs. Integrate criminal illegals so they will be changed by a better life. Run up crushing debt and make the rich pay for it.

The problem with the mainlying media is that they believe their own lies. They can’t change because they see no need to. They have lied to themselves for so long that to them, fake news is the real truth, and if it didn’t happen that way, well it should have. “Make it so” versus “beam me up, Scotty!”

Lying is a sickness that first infects and destroys the liar’s own soul. From there, the cancer branches outward, infecting those closest to the liar, those who work around the liar, and finally the public at large, which in the case of media types creates a large pool of emotionally disabled individuals.

Lying is a spiritual sickness. It starts at the beginning, when we first tell ourselves there is no Creator to whom we are responsible for our lives. Left untreated, the condition is eternally fatal. Only the Bride can effect the cure. Only she has the power. But is she ready?

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