I’ve said many times: “Color-coded blacks are the most emotionally, psychologically and intellectually underdeveloped demographic in America today.” An empirical example of that which I speak is a hate-filled, angry little person who uses the name of Victor Creed when posting comments on my VideoRant YouTube Channel.

Reasoned minds are at a lost to comprehend living one’s life consumed with rage spewing the inane recriminations of the emotionally impaired.

The tormented man I reference, in response to my VideoRant titled “You Cannot Legislate Evil” commented: “To all blacks. When was America great to us?” That comment was followed by a litany of the oft-regurgitated idiocy his kind is known for.

I pity them because it is likely that they will never know what it is to be emotionally free of anger and hatred. He and his kind will in all likelihood never know what it is to embrace the empowering effect of biblical modernity.

Watch Massie’s video:

But specific to his conflicted question, I elect to respond on a level his kind refuse to understand. “When was America great for [blacks]?”

  • America was great for blacks when its Constitution and the system of laws we have in place allowed Creed and his kind to direct heinous verbal assaults at our leaders without penalty.
  • America was great for blacks when every president since Lyndon Johnson has ill-advisedly worked to appease blacks vis-a-vis: affirmative action in college admissions, extra credit for being black on college admission test score requirements and setting in place special allowances available only to blacks for hiring preferences and government contracts.
  • America has been great for blacks by codifying equal rights provisions that safeguard all Americans; but blacks like Creed do not want equal rights; they want special rights.
  • America has been great for blacks by not holding the majority of them accountable for their actions. Imagine if the movement of blacks were restricted because of their pattern of violence and mayhem.
  • America has been great for blacks because America does not hold them accountable for their destructive behavior. Blacks destroy entire neighborhoods, leaving responsibility for the reconstruction of same to taxpayers and insurance companies.
  • America has been great for blacks because it encourages them to be victims and to wallow in immiseration.
  • America has been great for blacks because it has created and nurtured a zeitgeist that blames lack of personal responsibility upon the agency of slavery, which America abolished over a century and a half ago.
  • America has been great for blacks because it rewards them for failure.
  • America has been great for blacks by instituting special criminal laws that carry stricter penalties for someone doing in insult or injury to them.
  • America has been great for blacks by applauding violent, misogynistic, vulgar, barely intelligible speech as cultural.

I am being only marginally sarcastic because the very things I point out that blacks have been afforded by America are the very things that have led to their demise as a demographic.

Creed also demanded to know what President Nixon did for blacks, which graphically displays his illiteracy. President Nixon was responsible for skin-color based affirmative action in college admissions, government contracts, employment, etc.

Victor Creed possesses the enormous vanity of most ignorant men. He shamelessly demands to be told why white people haven’t done more to help blacks. I say that’s the problem; white people have done too much in the name of helping blacks.

It’s appalling to hear this person and those like him accuse Americans of not being benefactors to blacks. If Creed wants white people to provide for him, let him put himself up for adoption.

Creed and those like him suffer from the distorted heresy that the ills of black people are caused by whites.

I cannot imagine what it is like to base one’s entire cosmological perspective upon being a color. I have traveled the world. I have traveled extensively throughout America. I have not found white people going out of their way to keep me down or deny me whatever I wanted.

Those like him are damnably myopic and asphyxiatingly puerile in their understanding of factual events. It is difficult not to pity Creed and those like him because they truly have no understanding of how jaundiced they are. It is painful to observe a people so misguided.

That said, they have brought this upon themselves. It is the responsibility of the individual to make something of himself. It is not the job of government or the citizenry. It is corrosive and self-limiting to live filled with rage and blame, believing that the world owes you something.

To reflexively assert that the only reason another black person would disagree with them is for profit or because they are the proverbial “sellout” shows a paralyzing ignorance. It is stunning to those who embrace modernity that a people would embrace such mediocrity.

I personally will not be forced nor coerced into viewing the world with such a diseased perspective. And neither should any other person who is emotionally and psychologically stable.

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