We hear a lot about “sustainability” from the so-called “progressives.”

They claim the production of carbon dioxide, a natural and clean gas all human beings and animals produce and all trees and vegetation consume, is “unsustainable,” requiring the reordering of all government institutions and economic systems in the world.

Their ultimate solution is the complete elimination of the internal combustion engine and the burning of all petroleum products, including oil and gasoline, to stop what they claim is a future of man-made catastrophic “climate change.”

I don’t believe all that for a minute. But I do have some other wacky and nonsensical policies that are truly unsustainable:

  1. Socialism is unsustainable because it doesn’t offer an incentive-based economy that rewards hard work and innovation. It also attacks the uniquely American constitutional principle of “limited government” – that there are proper roles for government and improper roles. Let’s be honest about what socialism is: It’s a system that potentially, without constraints, allows government to meddle in anything and everything, making both personal liberty and prosperity unsustainable.
  2. Willful sin is unsustainable because there is a God who will not tolerate it – either individually or nationally. There are dire consequences both for the individual who commits them and the society that tolerates or even promotes it, because God ultimately judges them by their actions.
  3. Evolution as an explanation for the formation of the universe, the Earth and life is unsustainable because it cannot explain the genesis of matter, energy or life.
  4. Economic policies that depend on endless borrowing are unsustainable because, by definition, it’s something that can only be done by governments and banking cartels, like the Federal Reserve, without any accountability to anyone but themselves. Inevitably, there is a day of reckoning if the debts are not repaid. One of the very definitions of “sustainability” is protecting the future needs of future generations, even if it means ignoring or compromising the desires the current generation. Piling debt on future generations ignores that very principle.
  5. Attempting to change or redefine the very nature of human beings with new notions about gender are unsustainable because men and women were created in the image of God. Neither government nor cultural institutions can do either no matter how much force they employ. All they can do is create confusion and rebellion against the Creator-God.
  6. The destruction or redefinition of marriage is unsustainable because it is an institution designed by God for producing future healthy generations of children, as is ritual sacrifice of children or abortion on demand.
  7. How about making firearms illegal? That ought to stop the criminals from getting them, right? It’s a thoroughly “unsustainable” idea. Do laws against guns deter law-breakers from getting them? How has that worked out in states and cities that have tried it? It’s not the real goal. The real objective, as always, is to empower government over the individual and make the government less accountable to the law-abiding, sovereign citizen.
  8. “Progressivism” itself is unsustainable because its very foundation is built on the previous seven unsustainable notions.

I’m certain I could come up with more unsustainable ideas from the political left. In fact, from my own experience as a radical young prodigy, it would mean just applying the time to think about it. But my intent was not to assemble the most exhaustive list. It was to present the concept to others to think about – and add to.

I long ago came to the conclusion that the political left accuses its opponents of what it does. Its adherents believe in unsustainable ideas that make no sense, so they accuse the opposition of doing just that. Here’s what you need to understand about the nature of the political left: It’s a reflection of stunted maturity, the desire for relevance and meaning apart from God, mental laziness, gullibility, believing only what you are programmed to believe, accepting what is fashionable and choosing the easy way rather than the right way.

Think about what defines those you know on the left: Do they have to make any hard choices because of what they believe? Is there anything really courageous about their actions and expressions when they are universally applauded for them by the popular culture and those seeking greater control over the population?

Think about it: It’s a thoroughly gutless way of life after the age of 18.

For just one instance, does Al Gore change his own lifestyle to cut down on his carbon footprint? No, he demands everyone else do it first. Does that suggest he actually believes it will do any good to persuade people of his ridiculously unsustainable ideas? No, he’s not actually selling the need to reduce “dangerous” carbon dioxide levels. He’s actually selling the much more unsaleable idea of controlling people’s lives by force.

I invite everyone reading this column to offer their own ideas about the truly unsustainable demands of the euphemistically self-identified “progressives.” Together, let’s compile the most comprehensive list ever of “unsustainable” and, therefore, “non-progressive” notions.

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