On her 52nd birthday, Hillary Clinton blows out candles on her birthday cake in 1999 as her husband, then-President Bill Clinton, looks on

On her 52nd birthday, Hillary Clinton blows out candles on her birthday cake in 1999 as her husband, then-President Bill Clinton, looks on

It’s Hillary Clinton’s 70th birthday Thursday, and Americans are sending her the hilarious birthday wishes she deserves – complete with uranium cakes, orange jumpsuits, deleted emails and even a surprise FBI informant to crash the party.

To celebrate her role in the Uranium One scandal in which Russia was given control of one-fifth of uranium mining in the U.S., former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka sent the former first lady a special radioactive cake:


Donald Trump Jr. tweeted “Happy birthday Hillary” and shared news that the Justice Department has lifted a gag order on an FBI informant, who may now testify before Congress on a uranium deal struck with Russia when Hillary was secretary of state.

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Another tweeter, Dalin Paur, attempted to email a happy birthday wish to Hillary, but apparently had some technical difficulties:


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Kaby offered Hillary a free stay in a special room:


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And Mel provided a celebratory sendoff complete with chardonnay: “Wishing crooked Hillary a happy birthday! Celebrate with chardonnay because you won’t get any of that when you’re in prison.”


Other warm-hearted wishes included:

  • “Dear Hillary, Happy Birthday. Hope next year it’s behind bars.” – Martin Wiener
  • “Happy Birthday Hillary! Your gifts: DOJ lifts gag order on Uranium 1 informant, BUSTED on FAKE dossier, broken ‘toe,’ STILL NOT PRESIDENT!” – C_3MAGA
  • “Happy birthday Hillary! looks like silver bracelets and a matching orange pantsuit is in your future! #MAGA” – Shannon Leah
  • “Happy Birthday #Hillary. Hopefully next year you will be wearing a nice orange jumpsuit and be known as Big Momma around the cell block!” – SetUSA Free
  • “The only thing that would make Crooked Hillary’s birthday better today is an indictment. Lock her old butt up!” – GeorgiaDirtRoad
  • “We all chipped in and got you a really cool dossier and a bucket of uranium.” – VivaLaAmesX
  • “Dear Hillary Clinton: The [FBI] informant’s lawyer just got a gag order lifted by DOJ. It’s getting real, Hillary. Happy Birthday!” – RightWingAngel

It was just last year, on her 69th birthday, that Hillary, then a presidential candidate, wished herself a happy birthday on Twitter and predicted she would be occupying the White House.

She tweeted a photo of herself with the caption: “Happy birthday to this future president.”


Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., sent out a tweet wishing “Madame President” a happy birthday and tagging Clinton.


Now Twitter users are also having some fun with Hillary’s year-old tweet, which apparently didn’t age well:


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