America’s Marxist revolutionaries, led by the guerrilla group “antifa,” have co-opted Columbus Day for a day of rage and vandalism against the legacy of Christopher Columbus, or as he is known in the Spanish world, Cristobal Colon.

While antifa is leading the American press around by the nose by portraying this event as an attack on our colonial past, there may be a bigger game afoot, related to the leftist agenda globally – specifically to the timing of Catalonian secession from Spain, which plans to declare independence on the same day, Oct. 9.

Importantly, while American conservatives are applauding what they perceive as threat to the European Union in the mold of Brexit, the opposite may be true because the Catalonian uprising is primarily a left-wing phenomenon backed by the trade unions and Marxist-leaning elements.

My wife and I happen to be in Spain doing research for a book on an unrelated topic. By coincidence, or perhaps divine providence, we flew into Barcelona from Tel Aviv just hours after the independence referendum in the Spanish province of Catalan (geographically, roughly to Spain where New England is on the map of the U.S.) and spent the next day driving across the entirety of that province to the micro-nation of Andorra (which spans the border of Spain and France, and shares the language of Catalan but not its politics).

Pastor Lively at the massive monument to Christopher Columbus in Valladolid, Spain

Pastor Lively at the massive monument to Christopher Columbus in Valladolid, Spain

We left Barcelona as massive crowds began to gather in the city center and experienced a scaled-down version of their challenge to the conservative Spanish government in Cordona, and other towns farther to the north. We got stuck behind a caravan of farm tractors draped with the Catalonian flag and were detoured by police through another town, only to run directly into a street protests there. Everywhere, most businesses were closed in solidarity with the national strike. We saw no violence by either side.

Today (Oct. 8), coincidentally, we happen to be in Valladolid, Spain, far to the east of Barcelona, the home of Christopher Columbus when he died in 1506. I am sitting just a hundred yards from what I believe is the largest monument to Columbus in the world. (It’s quite impressive, so I’m glad it’s out of antifa’s reach.) All around us, Spanish flags are hanging from apartment balconies and draped across store fronts, evidence of the strong opposition to Catalonian secession throughout the rest of Spain. We may, indeed, see a civil war develop in Spain.

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What is the connection between antifa and the Catalonians? Is it mere coincidence that leftists in America will attack the symbol of what is arguably Spain’s most significant colonial adventure in history on the same day that leftists in Catalon will declare independence from Spain’s conservative government?

Street protests in rural Catalonia by leftist marchers

Street protests in rural Catalonia by leftist marchers

Is it mere coincidence that the global leftist media is bolstering the secessionist’s play using video footage of police violence against protesters of the exact type employed by antifa and Black Lives Matter (without exploring the question of incitement or provocation by leftist agitators)?

Or are we simply witnessing how the Clinton/Obama/Soros/McCain Purple Revolution in America is part of a larger globalist campaign against all the conservatives: President Trump, Theresa May, Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orban, etc.? I suspect the latter. The common factor is creating chaos under the guise of “resistance,” while accusing conservatives of being “fascists.”

Ironically, at the time of his death, Christopher Columbus might have taken the side of the lefties on these questions. He had been chasing the Spanish court around for years seeking redress for various grievances – primarily financial claims – and the court just happened to be in Valladolid when he died.

Spanish flags flying here in a typical city neighborhood are seen across the land in opposition to Catalonian secession by conservatives

Protesters wear the Catalonian flag as a cape in a street demonstration

Even more ironic is that antifa, the supposed champion of Hispanic “immigrants” in the United States, has turned its guns on the ultimate symbol of Hispanic immigration. For, while Americans tend to focus on Columbus’ personal Italian ethnicity, they forget that he was nothing more than an agent of the Spanish Empire when he “discovered” America. Every person of Spanish descent should be outraged by antifa’s assault on their heritage.

Conservatives should wake up to the fact that our struggle against leftist elites is global, and that the leftist and neo-con media are working overtime to spin every bit of international news to fit their narratives. Always look deeper than the surface coverage for evidence of leftist manipulations of public opinion. And always remember that the left has never changed its playbook.

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