Emergency preparedness

Of all the threats America faces, there is perhaps none as dangerous as an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack.

The scary thing is, the hostile North Korean regime of Kim Jong-un has shown signs it is capable of pulling off an EMP attack. The communist country previously launched two satellites into orbit over the United States. According to national security expert Peter Vincent Pry, those satellites were capable of performing a surprise EMP attack at an altitude and trajectory that would evade U.S. missile defenses.

While North Korea may not yet have a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to the continental United States, they would not need such a long-range missile to detonate an EMP weapon high above the U.S.

And an EMP attack would cause more widespread and long-lasting damage, too. Whereas a nuclear strike would destroy one city or geographic area, an EMP strike would knock out the power from coast to coast for months or even a year.

An EMP attack would knock out the U.S. electrical grid, likely causing chaos among the population. Lights would go off, computers and televisions would shut down and cell phones would go dark once their batteries ran out. Any electrical appliance that plugs into a power outlet would cease to operate. Cash registers and credit card readers would no longer work.

Not only that, but gasoline could no longer be pumped, meaning vehicular transportation would become impossible after a few days or weeks.

That means food, which likely would disappear from store shelves in hours after an attack, could not be restocked. For maybe months.

The result would be a death toll in the tens of millions or even more.

Experts have estimated that up to 90 percent of the nation’s population would die following a catastrophic EMP attack.

Not from injury. Not from wounds.

From starvation.

Truly, it’s the stuff about which horror movies are made.

Except this would be no movie.

The good news is none of that is inevitable.

People don’t have to starve – not if they are prepared. You can prepare for the very worst right now with help from Live Prepared emergency food vaults.

These complete long-term meal solutions will ensure you and your family have enough healthy, tasty food to survive a long-term power outage.

Live Prepared is a company of Christians committed to helping other Christians prepare for all types of disasters, from EMP attacks to fires to hurricanes. The folks at Live Prepared have spent more than 40 years perfecting their recipes and sourcing the very best ingredients to create the highest quality long-term freeze-dried meals on the market.

Unlike most emergency food storage companies, which task outside manufacturers with producing their meals, Live Prepared produces and packages all their food from beginning to end, allowing them to guarantee the best quality and best value on the market.

Each Live Prepared emergency food vault comes with a 25-year shelf life, meaning you can buy now and store it away for whenever that unexpected EMP disaster hits. And the food vaults come in lightweight plastic totes that are easy to store in a closet, under the bed, or in the back of a car.

With Live Prepared, you’re not just getting ingredients; you’re getting complete meals. And while other emergency food companies promise you lots of calories in their buckets, many of those calories come from sugar. Live Prepared food vaults, on the other hand, are packed with calories from all the delicious and nutritious entrees you love.

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, one of these emergency food vaults would make a great gift for that someone special in your life.

Each Live Prepared emergency food vault contains 10 mouth-watering food varieties: maple brown sugar oatmeal, buttermilk pancakes, Spanish rice, creamy chicken flavored rice, hearty vegetable chicken flavored soup, creamy potato soup, creamy stroganoff, fettucine alfredo, cheesy broccoli rice and banana chips.

And if you want an even greater variety of meal options, Live Prepared offers a line of max variety emergency food vaults with 18 delicious foods. In addition to the 10 varieties in the regular food vaults, they include strawberry creamy wheat, instant potatoes, lasagna, chicken noodle soup, corn chowder, elbow macaroni with cheese powder, chocolate pudding and – for an added source of protein – Morning Moo’s® Low Fat Milk Alternative.

Live Prepared emergency food vaults come in a wide variety of sizes. This handy chart will help you figure out which size you need, based on how many people you need to feed and for how long:

Live Prepared chart 2

If you prefer to focus your food preparedness efforts more narrowly, Live Prepared has a solution. Do you want to stock up on breakfast foods? Live Prepared’s breakfast emergency food vault is just what you need. Want to make sure you have enough protein to make it through a long-lasting crisis? The protein emergency food vault is just for you. Love fruits and vegetables? Live Prepared’s fruit and veggie emergency food vault will keep you satisfied.

Do you want to make sure you don’t run out of eggs? You’ll need Live Prepared’s whole dried egg emergency food vault. Finally, are you a milk lover? The milk emergency food vault will get you through the darkest hours of a crisis.

So take action today! You don’t want to be caught unprepared for an EMP strike. The fact is, if you don’t have access to a long-term food supply, you will starve to death. There’s no sugarcoating it. So don’t take that chance. When the power goes out and all the grocery stores are empty, your Live Prepared emergency food vault will not only be your best friend – it will be your lifeline.

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