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What is it about the Number 13?

Why are millions of people afraid of it?

And why do so many others have a completely opposite opinion, calling 13 their lucky number?

A brand-new book by a best-selling author says there is a possible or even likely answer, and it comes from the one place that provides the answers to most of the big questions in life, the Holy Bible.

“People across the world have either a strange fear or a strong liking for the No. 13, and many don’t even know why,” says Joe Kovacs, author of the brand-new book, “Shocked by the Bible 2: Connecting the Dots in Scripture to Reveal the Truth They Don’t Want You to Know.”

“Some people are actually afraid of this number, or they at least consider it unlucky, and they’re oblivious concerning the reason that has prompted their concern.”

“But when people immerse themselves into the Bible, especially the parts that are never talked about in church, the possible or even likely reason for the intrigue with 13 becomes more than obvious.”

Learn stunning Bible scriptures that never seem to get addressed! See the eye-opening truth in “Shocked by the Bible 2,” with autographed copies available only from WND!

shocked-by-the-bible-2-cover-full-300x460 copyIn “Shocked by the Bible 2,” Kovacs investigates the numerous Scriptures that reveal a virtual worldwide fear of 13.

“The Bible shows how people of many races and languages in a host of countries were shaking with terror over the No. 13 for a dramatic reason over the course of a very long time,” he says. “And, ironically, not only was there serious trepidation regarding 13, there was also joyous delight among others.”

“When people today see these Scriptures on the pages of their own Bible, they may finally wake up to a very likely reason why centuries later, there is still a love-hate relationship with that number.”

It’s not just the No. 13 that has been a magnet for attention, but also a famously recurring date on the calendar which has enthralled people for centuries: Friday the 13th.

“The Scriptures may, and I stress may, be the original reason why people have a fear of Friday the 13th that has lasted even into the time we’re all living in today,” says Kovacs.

“Not only could it be attached to a famous historical event mentioned in the Bible, it may have something to do with a spectacular event still ahead in our future that’s recorded in the book of Revelation and other end-time prophecies.”

The fear of 13 is just one of hundreds of issues covered by Kovacs in his highly anticipated sequel to the original “Shocked by the Bible” from 2008.

“Shocked by the Bible 2” is fearless as it investigates:

  • The heart of the gospel has been secretly hidden in a small book that many people think should not even be in the Bible
  • There are three words of Jesus that most Christians don’t believe
  • The intriguing meaning of shaking the dust off your feet
  • Satan’s destiny is not what most people think
  • The destiny of unrepentant evildoers is completely different from what most churches teach
  • Some prayers are detestable to God
  • Important Bible themes are secretly embedded inside famous Hollywood productions such as “The Matrix,” “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” “Star Wars,” “The Big Short,” “Blade Runner,” “Groundhog Day,” “The Truman Show” and “The Walking Dead”•
  • The Bible explains who creates and allows evil (Hint: It’s not the devil)
  • The possible day of Satan’s destruction revealed
  • The biblical origin of the fear of the number 13 and perhaps Friday the 13th
  • Worshipers of God did unspeakably evil things to their own children
  • The world’s most famous prostitute was never actually a hooker
  • There is a resurrection no one talks about
  • There is more than one chance for people to repent
  • Judgment Day does NOT mean that everyone is thrown into a fire
  • The most shocking statement of the Bible is avoided and suppressed by most pastors
  • Believers have an important job to do once Jesus returns
  • Jesus is not the only judge of the world
  • Did Jesus really nail the law of God to His cross?
  • The reason why people will want to obey God in the future
  • Deception began long before Adam and Eve were created
  • God has a serious problem with “every green tree” used to worship him
  • There’s an important reason why God allows evil, and many pastors don’t even know what it is
  • There is an unknown sin that is killing millions of Christians
  • The future way Jesus is going to “fulfill” the law
  • Why the Bible talks about “Another Jesus”
  • The true meaning of the phrase: “a little lower than the angels”
  • The Bible says flesh-and-blood humans are meant to be changed into spirit beings
  • There is a time coming when there won’t be darkness of night anymore
  • The mystery of Enoch is no longer a mystery
  • Today’s society is Opposite World
  • Plus many more …

Learn stunning Bible scriptures that never seem to get addressed! See the eye-opening truth in “Shocked by the Bible 2,” with autographed copies available only from WND!

The new book is already receiving high praise.

Michael Savage, the No. 1 New York Times best-selling author and national radio talk-show host, raves: “‘Shocked by the Bible 2’ is a must read for every God-fearing, Bible-loving reader. If you believe there is a ‘grand design’ created by the One True God, this book will become another light along your path.”

Within just hours of its official launch, “Shocked by the Bible 2” rocketed to the No. 1 and No. 2 positions on numerous Amazon’s best-seller lists, especially in Christian Historical Theology. The top two positions reflect purchases for Kindle and hardcover editions.




Kovacs says, “Thank God there are people who still have an interest in truth, because the Bible is completely true, and it holds more mind-blowing information than we can possibly imagine.”

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