‘Holy cow, we’ve lost our culture’

By Greg Corombos

Broken flag

Western civilization is thoroughly battered in Europe, and America is on course for the same fate unless it once again embraces the ideas that made it strong and resists the tide of progressive momentum that seeks to destroy it, according to Sovereign Nations founder and editor in chief Michael O’Fallon.

Sovereign Nations is hosting a three-day conference in the nation’s capital next week designed to highlight the threats to the founding principles and how to thwart them. The conference will be held at the Trump International Hotel from Oct. 30-Nov. 1.

O’Fallon told WND and Radio America that he started Sovereign Nations as he watched America turn against the very things that made it strong.

“I imagine most [people] have noticed that there are things around them, especially in the last eight to 10 years, that just don’t make sense. What was once heresy is now law and what was once law is now heresy.

“When we take a look at things that were accepted in the United States, the things that held us together, the glue that really kept our civilization together, those things are now being turned and looked at as if they are things and signs of oppression,” O’Fallon said.

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And what are some of those things?

“The way we raise our children, the basis of America in self-government in the family, those things are now looked upon as being controlling, oppressive, not the way that people can truly have freedom, things that need to be thought through and possibly done away with,” he said. “So everything that really keeps our society together as we know it is quickly being extinguished.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Michael O’Fallon: 

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O’Fallon said this is all a result of a carefully planned onslaught from the intellectual left.

“That cause of things we believe to be rooted in what is known as progressivism that is backed by Open Society Foundations – more commonly known is the name of George Soros, which keeps coming up again and again. Certainly, he would be at the source of that,” O’Fallon said.

But how? How can someone like leftist billionaire George Soros and his allies really implement so much change?

O’Fallon said the first powerful tool is what Soros calls the theory of reflexivity.

“It’s creating an atmosphere of transmission and acceptance of either true or false statements in order to fulfill a manipulative function,” said O’Fallon, who explained that the tactic morphs into what are known as “fertile fallacies.”

“We know a fallacy is something that’s not true, but it’s fertile in that maybe it’s not true but it’s got legs. It’s a great story. It’s going to go someplace,” he said.

He said the cumulative impact of this strategy on multiple economic, cultural and international fronts is aimed toward the ultimate goal of undermining the philosophical foundations of the United States.

“The target, in and of itself, is to destroy anything that makes us a sovereign nation with the ability to have self-governance,” O’Fallon explained. “The citizens of this country are the ones that determine what this country does by making sure that we are within the frames of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.”

O’Fallon said the current attempts to blur the lines on citizenship by allowing non-citizens to vote and being lax on the enforcement of immigration laws is a direct attack on the right of citizens to rule, and he said killing that nation is the greatest tool the progressives have.

“All of these things are tools to break down and mold this world in a way that they would desire it – and when I say ‘they,’ there’s a big ‘they’ there – in a way to not have us to be able to say, ‘That’s unconstitutional. That needs to go to the Supreme Court.’ We need to make sure that we look at things as the U.S. as apart from the rest of the world,” O’Fallon said.

He said America needs to wake up fast because it may already be too late for Europe.

“The same thing is happening in Europe,” he said. “People are just waking up to the fact that, holy cow, we’ve lost our culture. And that, sadly, is happening here as well.”

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O’Fallon blames “progressive” Republicans and Democrats for trying to stop President Trump from strengthening American sovereignty. He said the GOP is split between defenders of the Constitution and lawmakers behind the Gang of Eight immigration plan and other “globalist” initiatives.

He has even harsher words for the Democrats, whom O’Fallon believes need a new party name.

“They just need to come straight out and say, ‘We are globalist progressives’ at this point. What people joined 30, 40, 50 years ago with the Democrat Party, it doesn’t even resemble it at this point,” O’Fallon said.

“They have become a party that is wanting to quickly take us out of our sovereignty and put us into a situation where we could have something that’s very much like a global E.U. very soon.

“They are the party of eugenics,” O’Fallon said. “They are the party of attacking our sovereignty. They are the party that is always looking to obstruct.”

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