Everyone knows North Korea is threatening America with nuclear weapons.

But it’s time for President Trump to stop tweeting about it and take action.

It would be bad enough if North Korea were planning to launch a nuke or two at major cities in the U.S. But it’s clear now it is preparing for something almost unimaginably worse that that dire scenario.

What North Korea is getting ready to do is to launch a devastating, catastrophic end to America as we have known it with an electromagnetic pulse attack using said nukes.

Though I have been covering the EMP threat for about 10 years, even I didn’t know until a few days ago how serious mad dictator Kim Jong Un is about this and how advanced are his preparations.

As two of the most prominent experts on the subject revealed to a House subcommittee on homeland security Thursday, North Korea is capable of launching an attack with the potential for killing 90 percent of Americans within a year today.

In other words, our fate as a nation lies in the hands of a crazy person, an unpredictable psychopath who hates America.

Here’s what some of us learned from William Graham and Peter Pry of the U.S. EMP Commission, which has recently been defunded:

  • North Korea’s nuclear stockpile includes about 60 thermonuclear hydrogen bombs, not the six that we were told Kim had only six months ago.
  • North Korea’s April nuclear test, which we heard so much about, was actually a practice run for an EMP attack because it involved a mid-air detonation.
  • North Korea has rogue Russian and Pakistani nuclear scientists assisting its nuclear program.
  • North Korea’s ability to target ICBMs for delivery to the U.S. is now unquestioned. We know it can hit the cities of Denver and Chicago and probably others. That would be catastrophic, of course, but that’s not the plan. The plan is to do a mid-air detonation over the U.S. at high altitude knocking out the electrical grid and causing most of America’s population to starve over the next year.

Now, it’s not like an EMP attack is some science-fiction nightmare. It’s relatively low-tech and simple. We’ve known about it for decades. But the U.S. government, with all of its wild, unconstitutional spending and debt, has never invested as much as a million dollars to defend the country against this known threat – which could come from any number of sources.

We were gambling no one would ever try – even though preparation is relatively inexpensive.

Washington has never lifted a finger to do the one thing it’s supposed to do – defend the homeland against who can actually destroy us in the blink of an eye.

I urge you to read WND’s in-depth story today on this shocking development.

It’s a warning Graham has been delivering to Congress about the EMP threat for a decade, as first reported by WND in 2008.

The difference today, however, is that North Korea has the means and the motive to do it – today, tomorrow or the day after.

In 2013, WND Books published “A Nation Forsaken,” which detailed the specifics of the EMP threat to the U.S., as well as the way the U.S. government was ignoring it. Now this prophetic book is more timely than ever.

The report submitted to Congress states the case emphatically: “… today, as the EMP Commission has long warned, the nation faces a potentially imminent and existential threat of nuclear EMP attack from North Korea.”

In the kind of EMP attack the commission fears, no one is immediately killed. It’s possible most Americans would not even be aware that it happened, unless they were following the news. Then your TV would go dark, your house or office would go dark, and people would begin to panic.

Supermarkets would be looted. Mayhem would ensue.

The real impact, though, is felt in the electrical grid when circuits are fried. Power could be down indefinitely – certainly up to a year. With America’s transportation and communications systems down, food shortages would be seen within days. Within weeks, people in cities would begin to starve.

What’s the best defense against a catastrophic EMP attack for the average American? Long-term, emergency food. The blast won’t hurt you, but the aftermath of chaos and disruption of food supplies will.

Thank God Barack Obama is no longer in power. This kind of criminal neglect of our national security could only happen under his watch – though, in fairness, George W. Bush and his predecessor didn’t lift a finger to do anything, either.

Now it’s time for action, and I don’t expect it from Congress.

President Trump has a chance to rise to the occasion. I’m sure he’s been briefed.

I’ll tell you what I think he should do – everything the commission recommended and more, including creating a new Cabinet position to oversee preparations that should rival the Manhattan Project in size and scope.

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