In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, it seems the Democrats are on a roll with all kinds of potential laws that they say would have prevented it. It wont work because everything he did was perfectly legal, right up until he committed murder. Then everything he did was already illegal.

My favorite is the shocking news that this psychotic monster had at least 15 rifles and pistols in the room with him and all of them purchased legally. He passed every gun-control obstruction the best socialist lawyers could dream up to block and “infringe” on the rights of honest gun owners.

Yet Hillary Clinton, the DNC and late-night non-comedians are not satisfied! He had at least 15 guns and ammo for them in his room. How would this have turned out if he had 30 guns or 60 guns? It wouldn’t turn out any different, because, no matter how many guns are available, you can only shoot one at a time.

Despite this simple fact, rest assured there will be an attempt to limit how many guns and how much ammo an individual can possess. It sure sounds like an infringement to me. Sooner or later, these liberal fools are going to have to realize that their legal remedy is worthless and unconstitutional and give up.

Michael A. Pacer

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